Supernatural (Universe) (Wildstorm Comics)

The series has also developed an expanded universe. Three six-issue comic book mini-series have been published by Wildstorm,[147] a company under the DC Comics umbrella. Supernatural: Origins depicts the early lives of John, Sam, and Dean Winchester, and shows how John became a hunter.[148] Supernatural: Rising Son, a "a dysfunctional family story", details Dean as he begins following in his father's footsteps.[149] While Kripke was heavily involved with the first series, the writer's strike prevented him from doing so with Rising Son.[149] Supernatural: Beginning's End deals with "the definitive events that led to Sam leaving his family to attend Stanford". A fourth miniseries, Caledonia, (named Supernatural: The Dogs of Edinburgh, in the UK) by Brian Wood and Grant Bond, will deal with Sam Winchester's trip to the United Kingdom during the Stanford years.[150] The first two miniseries were written by Peter Johnson, one of the series co-executive producer, while the third one is by television series writers Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin.

Publication information

Publisher: Wildstorm Comics
First appearance: Supernatural: Origins  #1 (July, 2007)
Created by: Jim Lee, Tim Bradstreet, Peter Johnson, Matthew Smith, JD Mettler, Greg Thompson, Ben Abernathy, Kristy Quinn

In story information

Official Name: Supernatural
Aliases: Earth-Supernatural
Status: Existing


Earth-Supernatural is the setting for a series of comic book titles published by WildStorm Productions based on the WB/CW Network television series Supernatural. 

The first series, Supernatural: Origins was published from July to December of 2007 and collected in a trade paperback. A follow-up mini-series, Supernatural: Rising Son began publication in 2008 and is set several years after the first series. Both titles serve as prequels to the television series and take place several years in the past. 

The first series takes place in 1983-84 and is set after the opening prologue to the pilot episode of the series. It centers around the Winchester family and begins at the Winchester family home in Lawrence, Kansas. The matriarch of the family, Mary Winchester, becomes the victim of a terrible demonic attack that leaves her dead. Surviving are Mary's widow John Winchester, her young son Dean, and her infant child Sam. John Winchester embarks upon a personal crusade to investigate the mysterious causes behind his wife's death, and is forced to bring his sons along with him as he travels the country learning about the supernatural. Along the way, John develops comprehensive knowledge of the occult and trains himself on how to destroy creatures the rest of the world doesn't even believe exists.

Points of Interest





 Daleville is a backwater town in Mississippi. Considered to be a locale "off the map", John Winchester brought his sons here in order to hide from human hunters who were looking to kill young Sam. Demonic agents of Lilith tracked the Winchesters down, forcing the family to barricade themselves in a farmhouse.


 Located in southern Wisconsin, this was where John Winchester fought and defeated the Beast of Bray Road. He also briefly held employment here working at a warehouse.

 Elton Ridge

 Possibly located in Kansas, this was the town where Mary Winchester told her husband that she wanted to be married in. 


 Eureka is a town in California. John Winchester and his brother-in-law Jacob came to Eureka while tracking a breed of Hellhound known as a Black Shuck. Their search brought them to a cemetery where upon the Black Shuck attacked them, killing Jacob. It would have killed John if not for the timely arrival of another hunter. The hunter killed the creature with a single shot from his rifle. 


 Lawrence, Kansas was the site of the Winchester family home. It was abandoned by the surviving family members after the 1983 fire that took the life of Mary Winchester.



 The Crossroads is not a specific locale per se, but refers to any point where two adjacent travel lanes intersect one another. A crossroads is a significant location because it is where the veil between Earth and Hell is at its weakest and it is what demons use when entering the Earth realm. In converse, a Crossroads is also the best place to banish a demon back to Hell. John Winchester's first recorded encounter with a Crossroads was at a railroad crossing in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Nightengale Tavern

 The Nightengale Tavern was a bar populated by Succubi in Albuquerque , New Mexico. In 1990, John Winchester visited the bar and learned about the demonic presence that had gripped the town. He fought against the succubi and killed them all with a samurai sword.


Beast of Bray Road

 The Beast of Bray Road is a creature of folklore from the Southern regions of Wisconson. In 1990, John Winchester encountered a werewolf-like animal, which he believed to be the legendary beast in the woods of Delavan. He managed to kill the animal with a point-blank shot to the head from his rifle.

 Black Shuck

 A Black Shuck is an oversized breed of Hellhound. The name originates from an Anglian legend that dates back several hundred years. John Winchester and his colleague Missouri Mosely found a Black Shuck fang at a house where his children had nearly been attacked. At Missouri's urging, he went to Tempe, Arizona to meet a man named Fletcher Grable, who told him about the legends surrounding such creatures. He told John that Black Shucks can usually be found occupying crypts or emptied graveyards. John's investigation next brought him to a cemetery in Eureka, California. Exploring a cemetery with his brother-in-law Jacob, they discovered a crypt where one such creature had been lurking. The Black Shuck attacked Jacob, killing him, and would have killed John if not for the timely arrival of another hunter. The hunter killed the creature with a single shot from his rifle. 


 Carver was John Winchester's employer in Delavan in 1990.


 Chuck was the Winchesters' next door neighbor. After the death of Mary Winchester, John questioned him about anything he might have seen on the night of the incident, but Chuck claimed that his wife and he always turned in early and knew nothing about the mysterious fire.

 Dean Winchester

 Dean is the oldest son of John and Mary and is aware of his father's never-ending war against the supernatural. Though John educates him on various strategies, his primary obligation is to watch over his younger brother. 

 Eddie Thompson

 Eddie Thompson was the cousin of Mary Winchester. He was seduced and ultimately murdered by a Succubus. 

 Fletcher Grable

 Fletcher Grable was a strange, paranoid man who lived in Tempe, Arizona. At the behest of psychic Missouri Mosely, John visited Grable to gain information about a creature called a Black Shuck. Fletcher also gave John an empty journal and recommended that he should record all of his findings down in it. 

 Iris Levitan

 Iris Levitan was an old woman that lived on Rosewood Lane in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was possessed by a demon and had an encounter with John Winchester. Winchester defeated her by impaling her with a sharpened, broken chair leg.


 Jacob was the brother of Mary Winchester and the uncle to her children Sam and Dean. Following Mary's death, Jacob tracked her widow John Winchester down and tried to talk him out of whatever strange quest he had undertaken for himself. Jacob accompanied John to a cemetery in Eureka, California. He was attacked and killed by a species of Hellhound known as a Black Shuck. 

 John Winchester

John Winchester is the widow of Mary Winchester and the father of Sam and Dean. With his sons in tow, he drives across the country in his 1967 Chevy Impala hunting down various demons, desperately hoping to answer the mystery that led to his wife's death. 


 Julie was Mary Winchester's best friend. After Mary died, Julie often looked after Sam and Dean while their father investigated the mystery of his wife's death. Julie's home became a target for the demon, in much the same way that it had targeted the Winchester residence.


 Lilith is one of the more powerful demons of Hell. Years ago, Lilith came to the Earthly plane and assumed the human identity of Susan Lyle. As Lyle, she began masquerading as an elementary school teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She endeared herself to her student Sam Winchester, aware that Sam had a special destiny of some import to the forces of Hell. Sam's brother Dean was the first to determine Ms. Lyle's demonic heritage and their father John fought with her as well as a transmogrified construct near the railroad tracks. 

 Mary Winchester

 Mary Winchester became the target of demonic forces. Her body was suspended from the ceiling of the Winchester nursery whereupon it spontaneously combusted. The entity responsible for Mary's death has also targeted members of her immediate family as well as old friends and acquaintances. 

 Missouri Mosely

 Missouri Mosely is a psychic and one of the first allies in John Winchester's war against the supernatural. She educates John on the existence of demons and other monstrous creatures. Note: Based on a character introduced in the television series.

 Nadine Thompson

 Nadine Thompson was the wife of Eddie Thompson and lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Like many of the women in the town, Nadine was in fact a Succubus and had been slowly using her powers to drain her husband's soul from his body over the course of several years. When she discovered that Eddie had been talking to occult hunter John Winchester, she decided that he had outlived his usefulness and killed him. John avenged Eddie's death by destroying Nadine, but not before learning that her demon brethren had plans for the Winchester family - particularly Sam Winchester. 


 Randy was a town local who once got into a bar-fight with John Winchester. Psychic Missouri Mosely claimed that Randy had a secret fascination with high school boys.

 Sam Winchester

The youngest of the Winchester boys, Sam was still an infant when his mother was killed. He has no memory of her, and as yet, does not fully understand the motivation behind his father and brother's actions.