Santiago (Heroes Universe) (Wildstorm Comics)

Publication information

Publisher: Wildstorm Comics
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In-story information

Alter ego: Santiago
Phonetic: sæ̀ntiágo
Notable aliases: 
Relatives: Edward (Father), Iris (Mother)
Team affiliations:
Abilities: Accelerated Probability
Base of Operations: Lima, Peru


Alignment: Neutral
Identity Secret:
Marital Status:
Occupation: Auto Mechanic


Gender: Male
Unusual Features:


Universe: Heroes Universe


In Barranco, a district of Lima, Peru, Santiago walks past a street vendor's stand and prepares to cross the street at an intersection. While waiting for the light to change; a woman that knows Santiago, Maria, walks up next to him, and he listens while she reminds him that he is is late for mass and is bringing the sacramental wine. He tells Maria that he will see her in church and walks into the street right when the light changes. However, Santiago gets knocked by a motorized scooter in front of a moving van. Then, time slows down temporarily for Santiago and he visualizes a means to escape getting hit by the van and catch the bag of wine bottles that is now flying in the air, and does so. Afterward, he finishes crossing the street and retrieves his soccer ball from Maria. 

Later, Santiago sits in church with his mother, Iris, as a priest gives his sermon. Santiago plays with his soccer ball, and apologizes when his mom tells him to stop fidgeting. Upon leaving church, Santiago explains to his mother that he can see the world of opportunity in front of him. He tells her of his experience with the van that almost hit him, calling it a miracle. As Iris replies, Santiago spots a young woman watching him in a park across the street from the church. 

Santiago then heads across the street towards the woman. He uses his new ability to sneak up on her, introduces himself, and learns her name is Elisa. After hearing Elisa's dilemma, Santiago tells her that it isn't stupid to have to church for answers, and references the priest's sermon that people have to help each other. When another soccer player reminds him of his game, Santiago encourages Elisa to stick around cause he has a feeling her prayers are going to be answered, and then leaves her to go play on the soccer field with other players.
After the visiting team scores a tying goal, Santiago listens to Esteban giving him a pep talk. He then tells Esteban he can guarantee a win if Esteban can get their team to donate all the winnings to the needy. Santiago listens to Esteban's condition that he keeps the trophy, agrees to it and they prepare to continue the game. 

When the game restarts, Santiago uses his ability to check out multiple paths to the goal while everyone else appears to be motionless. He finds the path that allows him to make the winning score, gets Esteban to pass the ball to him, and kicks the ball into the net just as time runs out. 

After the game, Santiago leaves with Elisa as the rest of the team gathers to celebrate. Santiago makes a cell phone call to his mother, tells her how he won the game, and that he will be late for dinner cause he has plans to celebrate with friends. After he disconnects with his mother, he explains to Elisa that the money is what he meant by her prayers being answered. When Elisa asks Santiago what he meant by him being able to see everything, Santiago replies that his mother is always telling him that he doesn't know which way he is headed, but that right now he feels like he knows what he is supposed to do—that God wants him to make a difference. He accepts a kiss from Elisa, but then notices a syringe in her hand. Santiago asks what she is doing, and then takes off running before she can answer. 

Santiago runs to the front of a building, thinking he has escaped Elisa. Suddenly, water starts flowing from the door in front of him and turns into Elisa. Santiago asks Elisa what she is, and gets tased by another woman from behind.
Santiago awakens to find himself on a wheelchair in a secure warehouse. He spots Elisa approaching him, and asks what happened to him and where he is, but doesn't give her a chance to explain. Instead, he uses his ability to quickly search for a way out. Not finding any way out, Santiago returns to Elisa and asks what she wants. 

After Elisa drags a chair to him, he sits in it and listens to her and a serious looking woman. He learns from them the name of his ability, and that he inherited it from his father, who worked for them. But when they ask Santiago to kill for them like his father did, he refuses. He then uses his ability to dodge a bullet the serious looking woman fires at him, and to take her gun. But when he sees that the woman has a cell phone video of his mother and threatens to kill her; Santiago relents and accepts to work for them. He then asks whom is the first target. 

Later, Santiago is bathing in a shower inside the warehouse, and finds that Elisa has materialized behind him. He asks what she is doing, and then accepts a passionate kiss from her after she says she is saving him.
In the secure warehouse where Santiago had been brought, Santiago follows Elisa and questions as to whether her help is a trick. They arrive at a locked exit door and he accepts a kiss from her. He then waits as Elisa opens the door. However, he notices a laser pointing at Elisa's forehead and uses his ability to dodge bullets fired from three gunmen and quickly get himself and Elisa out of the line of fire. 

Upon getting outside into an alleyway, Santiago realizes he is not in Lima anymore, and he takes a GPS device from Elisa confirming that the warehouse is in Chicago. Then, Santiago gets pushed out of the path of a car by Elisa, and he watches as she avoids self-injury by again turning into water. 

Santiago returns to Lima with Elisa and finds Iris in church. He explains his predicament to his mother. Santiago learns that she has been keeping secrets of her own, and sees that she has the ability to create fire. Santiago then gets an instant message from an unknown party, directing him to go outside. 

Santiago heads outside and observes his father zapping the serious looking woman. He then embraces his father when he walks up and hugs him.

Powers and Abilities


Santiago has the ability of accelerated probability; his speed is a byproduct of his ability to see the various possibilities [1]. He has demonstrated his accelerated probability in getting out of a traffic accident and to find out how to best approach Elisa (Destiny, Part 1), and to analyze all possible exits from a warehouse he is taken to (Destiny, Part 3).


Strength level