Thomas Halloway (Marvel Comics)

The Angel (Thomas Halloway, often shortened to Tom Halloway) is a fictional character, a superhero in Marvel Comics Universe. Created by writer-artist Paul Gustavson during the Golden Age of Comic Books, the Angel first appeared in Marvel Comics #1 (October 1939), the first publication of Marvel Comics' predecessor, Timely Comics.
The Angel is a non-superpowered detective who nonetheless wore a superhero costume. Gustavson cited Leslie Charteris' pulp novel detective, Simon Templar, the "Saint," as a model for the Angel.

Publication information

Publisher: Timely Comics (Marvel Comics)
First appearance: Marvel Comics #1 (October 1939)
Created by: Paul Gustavson

In-story information

Alter ego: Thomas Halloway 
Phonetic: táməs hǽlowè
Notable aliases: Angel, Possibly Scourge.
Relatives: Simon Halloway (brother, also active as the Angel in the 1940s), Jason Halloway (grandson) 
Affiliations: Blonde Phantom, Bloodstain, Winter Soldier, Defender, Roger Aubrey, Brian Falsworth, Dominic Dunsinane, Ferret, Fred Davis Jr., Human Torch (Android), Namor, Jeffrey Mace, Phantom Bullet, Scourge (Delazny), Scourge II, Scourge III, Scourge IV, Caprice, Nomad, Silver Scorpion, Toro, Two-Gun Kid, Joseph Chapman, Whizzer

Team affiliations: V-Battalion, All-Winners Squad, The Penance Council, the Scourges, Light Brigade
Enemies: Adolf Hitler, Alexander Bont, Armless Tiger Man, Red Raven, U-Man, Zeitgeist
Abilities: Flight
Base Of Operations: Los Angeles 


Identity Secret: Secret
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Adventurer, private detective
Education: Medical degree


Gender: Male
Height: 190.5 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White, (Formerly black, sometimes dyed red)
Unusual Features:


Universe: Earth-616
Place of Birth: Prison 



Thomas Halloway was the son of a prison warden; his mother died in childbirth. The warden raised Thomas in isolation, in the prison itself, and was instructed by
various experts who had taught him "everything." Thomas was also taught by the prisoners, who passed on the secrets of the underworld. When Thomas discovered that one of the prisoners was about to be electrocuted he saved him. For this deed Thomas was dubbed an "angel" by the inmate.
When Thomas reached adulthood he decided to become a private detective, and also adopted the costumed identity of "The Angel" to fight crime. During an adventure in which he saved a 4,000 year old woman, he was given the magical Mystic Cape of Mercury.


After the War, the Angel was one of a number of heroes who formed the Penance Council, the ruling body of the V-Battalion, dedicated to fighting the rise of dictatorships and other threats to the world.
However, after a bystander was killed during an adventure, the Angel hung up his cape, unwilling to risk more innocent lives in his fight against crime. Still wishing to combat lawlessness and seeking a way to atone for his mistake, he eventually founded a group of trained assassins, the Scourges, who would ambush and murder costumed criminals. Eventually, these acts of vigilantism were stopped by Captain America. To escape USAgent, he faked his own death.

Thomas Halloway retired and lived on a sprawling estate in Los Angeles.

Powers and Abilities


Flight (by means of the Cape of Mercury). That power may have some limitation, since it was inconsistently depicted.


A wide variety of skills, including fluency in ancient Greek language.

Strength level




The Cape of Mercury.