Nova Corps (Group) (Marvel Comics)

Publication information

Publisher: Marvel Comics
First appearance: Fantastic Four #204 (April, 1979)
Last appearance: Thanos Imperative #6 (January, 2011)
Created by: Marv Wolfman, John Buscema

In-story information

Official Name: Nova Corps
Phonetic: nóvə kɔ́r
Group Aliases: Corps, "Gold Domes"
Status: Defunct
Identity: Public
Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-616
Base of Operations: Currently Corps starship Resolute Duty, formerly Xandar, Andromeda Galaxy and Nu-Xandar



Group Leader(s): formerly Commander/Prime Commandant Richard Rider (Nova Centurion Prime), Nova-Prime (Rhomann Dey)

Current Nova Corps Members

Supernovas, Sam Alexander

Former Members

  • Nova Corps: Fraktur, Malik Tarcel, Irani Rael, Qubit, Morrow, Robert Rider, Lindy Nolan, Tre Owens, Zan Philo, Adora (Prime Commandant), Firelord, Air-Walker, Garthan Saal, Rhomann Dey (Earth-712), Powerhouse, Nova 0:0, Tanak Valt, Tas'Wzta, Torthar, Pyo, Samaya, Grot, Kaseem, Hannah, Matu, Suki Yumiko, Lucas Maats, Josh Atwater, Zyziwc Tiel, Kyle Dyne, Freya Shane, David Green, K'thol, various others unnamed
  • Supernovas: Jesse Alexander, Titus, Mister Z'zz, The Phlish

Founding Members


Guardians of the Galaxy, Quasar, Project Pegasus, The Kree Empire, Annihilators, Fantastic Four, Mephitisoids


Skrulls, Annihilus, Revengers (Cancerverse), Dire Wraiths, Serpent Society, Fraternity of Raptors, Many-Angled Ones (Cancerverse)


Origin: Former space militia expanded into a intergalactic law enforcement and peace keeping organization.
Place of Formation: Xandar; New incarnation: Earth
Place of Defunction: Xandar; New incarnation still active



Originally, the Nova Corps was Xandar's space militia and exploration division. It consisted of 500 soldiers ranging in rank from Corpsman up to
Centurion and its leader, Centurion Nova Prime. The Corps also had a regiment of Syfon Warriors, of which Powerhouse was one. After the reformation of Xandar, the Nova Corps expanded its protective range to include the entire Andromeda Galaxy and Earth. They are also known as the Xandarian StarCorps. Queen Adora (in the role of Prime Commandant) has ultimate authority of the Nova Corps.
The source the Corps' power is called the Nova Force. This is a nearly limitless energy field generated by the a living supercomputer called the Xandarian Worldmind. The energy is then transmitted into the centurions at varying levels depending on their rank. The Worldmind contains the entire record of Xandarian history and civilization.

A number of notable individuals were once members of the Corp such as former heralds of Galactus Firelord and the Air-Walker to name two.


The Nova Corps almost met it's end at the hand of the Annihilation Wave. When Annihilus and his forces attacked, the Worldmind recalled all
active members, the corps fought valiantly to defend their world, yet in the end were defeated. The only member of the corps to survive was Centurion Rich Rider. The Worldmind, which had also survived guided Richard to itself. In order to save the corps the Worldmind convinced Richard to allow it to uploaded itself, and the entirety of the Nova Force into him, making him the Nova Prime. Nova led the United Front against the Annihilation Wave and when that didn't work he lead a small tactical group against it. In the end, Nova killed Annihilus and ended the war.

Secret Invasion

Unexpectedly, the Nova Corps reformed on Earth in the immediate aftermath of the Skrulls' invasion attempt. The Worldmind had been quietly and methodically recruiting new Nova Centurions, and these new recruits sought out Nova Prime. Malik Tarcel, Qubit, Fraktur, Irani Rael and Morrow arrived on Earth and joined Nova in helping the humans quell the chaos left over by the Skrulls' attack.
Using Project PEGASUS as a base of operations, Nova led the new Nova Corps as a tight-knit unit in peace-keeping operations such as securing fugitive criminals and other threats inadvertently released in the chaos of the Skrull invasion.
Nova was uncertain at first about reforming the Nova Corps so soon, but they worked together so well that his mind quickly changed. The idea of starting small and slow like this began to make sense to him. However, things suddenly escalated out of his control. Without consulting him, Worldmind began to mass recruit the people of Earth, resulting in the Nova Corps growing from a half dozen to hundreds within minutes.
Among these new recruits was Nova's own younger brother, Robbie Rider.
Most disturbing of all was Worldmind's next move. Ego appeared in orbit of Earth, having been lobotomized by the Nova Corps and repurposed as Nu-Xandar. This was to be the new headquarters of the Nova Corps.

War of Kings

It was apparent to Nova that Worldmind was out of control, but he found himself alone in this belief. He was deemed unfit for duty by Worldmind and honorably discharged from the Nova Corps, stripping Rich of his rank as Nova Prime and his connection to the Nova Force. Malik Tarcel was promoted to the rank of Nova Prime in his absence, and Rich realized too late that the Worldmind was employing mind control techniques to keep the Nova Corps in line.
News of the war between the Shi'ar Empire and the Kree Empire reached Earth, and the Worldmind chose to immediately leave Earth to have the fresh and inexperienced Nova Corps intervene in the galactic conflict.
The Worldmind drafted beings from several other worlds before getting the newly revived Nova Corps involved in the War of Kings between the Kree and Shi'ar. This turned out to be disastrous, as the new Centurions had nowhere near the experience to deal with such an intense conflict. Casualties ran high until Richard returned with the power of Quasar, forcing the Worldmind to stand down and fixing Ego's influence over it. He retook his position as Nova Prime and called on the Nova Corps to retreat while they still could, saving whoever he could.
The war eventually ended on its own with the apparent deaths of Vulcan and Black Bolt, the rulers of the two warring empires. The Kree won the war courtesy of the Shi'ar's surrender, and what was left of the Nova Corps was successfully reined in. Richard had all of the newly recruited Centurions depowered and sent home, where they could hopefully live long and happy lives. But not all of the Centurions wished to return home after nearly being killed and knowing that the Worldmind had manipulated their minds. Robbie Rider, Morrow, Fraktur, Qubit, Irani Rael, Lindy Nolan and Tre Owens elected to remain as Nova Centurions, serving a drastically scaled down Nova Corps.

The Thanos Imperative

The devastation caused by the recent war created an unprecedented spacial rift referred to as the Fault, which led to a universe where life had run dangerously rampant and unlimited. This Cancerverse was a growing threat to the universe, and everyone was cautiously investigating it, including the Nova Corps.

The spatial distortions around the Fault allowed the Nova Corps to discover a long lost Nova Corps cruiser, the Resolute Duty, along with its veteran Centurion, Zan Philo. Since Ego had reawakened, the Resolute Duty became the new mobile headquarters of the Nova Corps and Zan Philo became the trainer of its probationary members. It also served as a prison, holding the likes of Xenith and Ravenous in stasis.
Finally, everyone's worst fears about the Fault happened and an invasion force from the Cancerverse erupted from it. The Nova Corps was on hand to join the defense
along with the Shi'ar, the Kree, and Blastaar's Negative Zone forces. It quickly became obvious that simply holding the line would be nearly impossible much less being able to push the Cancerverse forces back through the Fault. The only hope lied in a mission into the Cancerverse by the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos to kill the invaders at their home by reintroducing Death to that universe. The Nova Corps had to help hold the line until that happened. To this end, Nova deputized Quasar into the Nova Corps and ventured into the Cancerverse himself.

The mission was a success, and the invasion fell apart with the Fault closing. However, Nova stayed behind in the Cancerverse along with Starlord to make sure Thanos could not return. He was presumed dead, and with him went the Worldmind and the Nova Force, leaving the Nova Corps no more once again.

Nova Force

The Nova corps are imbued with the Nova Force by the Worldmind. This energy force provides powers like the ability of flight, super strength and a connection to the Worldmind itself. Those who are more experienced are able to tab into more powers like the ability to open stargates, energy blasts and the release of a brief electromagnetic static burst.


Thought to be a covert black ops division within the police force, the Supernovas, or Black Novas, were in actuality an independent organization comprised of thieves and killers. They are named the Black Novas after their black helmets, which are designed to harness the full power of the Nova Force, as opposed to the traditional 'Gold Domes' (regular Novas, due to their gold helmets), which only grant partial access to the Nova Force based on rank. Sam Alexander is the only Supernova left.



Affiliation: Nova Corps 
Powers: Centurions are the top tier of the Nova Corps. It is from the Centurions that the Centurion Nova Prime is normally selected. Extreme circumstances allow the Prime to circumvent the standard procedure. Their powers are the same as a Centurion Nova Prime with the exception of energy absorption, the gravimetric pulse and the electromagnetic static burst. Centurions can command standard starships and are trained to be exceptional fighters and pilots. A Centurion can lift approximately 20 tons.


Affiliation: Nova Corps 
Powers: Denarians are the middle tier of the Nova Corps. Denarians have access to approximately 75% of the Nova Force compared to a Centurion. They are limited to flight, speed, strength and invulnerability. A Denarian can lift approximately 15 tons.


Affiliation: Nova Corps 
Powers: Millennians have access to approximately 50% of the Nova Force compared to a Centurion. They cannot fly on their own but can use the Corps' one-man sky flyers. Millennians can lift approximately 10 tons and have limited invulnerability. They also have small photon blasters in the armbands of their uniform.


Affiliation: Nova Corps 
Powers: Corpsman is the entry level to the Nova Corps. Graduates from the Space Academy apply to the Corps upon graduation. They have access to approximately 25% of the Nova Force compared to a Centurion. They can lift approximately 5 tons with very limited invulnerability. They also have small photon blasters in the armbands of their uniform.

Syfon Warrior 

Affiliation: Nova Corps - Syfon Warrior Division 
Powers: Syfon Warriors have limited access to the Nova Force. They are limited to super strength (lifting capability of 1 ton) and energy absorption. Their strength can be magnified fifty fold by siphoning a great deal of energy from any power souce, including other living beings. Syfons are extremely gifted and highly trained pilots. Syfon training is mandatory to becoming a Centurion Nova Prime.



  • Uniforms: Made of unidentified materials that were highly resistant to damage, heat and cold including the extremes of outer space. The helmets contain advanced circuitry which enables Centurions to monitor and make radio transmissions. The helmets also include a malleable Xandarian alloy which could lower to cover the face by cybernetic command or via sensors in the uniform which could sense changes in pressure and atmosphere and activate automatically. Once activated, the uniform becomes airtight and the helmet connects to an oxygen supply concealed within the uniform which could last up to 6 hours. A centurions helmet also provides access to the Nova Prime spaceship and could see through its cloaking shield. When removed, the helmet would collapse into a cloth-like material.
  • Other Devices: Xandarian equipment as needed.


Flight under own power. Xandarian Starcruisers. Also one-man sky flyers.


As mentioned above lower ranked Centurions have photon blasters in the armbands of their uniform. Other Xandarian weapons as needed.

Nova Corps Priorities

  • Defend the Xandarian Civilization
  • Protect and safeguard the Xandarian Worldmind