Homo Sapiens Superior (Race) (Marvel Comics)

In comic books published by Marvel Comics, a mutant is an organism (usually otherwise human) who possesses a genetic trait called an X-gene that allows the mutant to naturally develop superhuman powers and abilities. Human mutants are considered to be of the subspecies Homo sapiens superior, an evolutionary progeny of Homo sapiens, and are considered the next stage in human evolution, though whether this is true or not is a subject of much debate.
Unlike Marvel's mutates which are characters who develop their powers only after exposure to outside stimuli or energies (such as Hulk, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, and Absorbing Man), mutants are born with the genetic potential to possess their powers, although the powers typically manifest at puberty.
Like mutates, the powers of the vast majority of Marvel's human superheroes are the result of genetic manipulation by the Celestials millions of years in the past.

Publication information

Publisher: Marvel Comics
First appearance: 
  • X-Men vol. 1 #1 (September 1963) (Actual)
  • Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (April, 1939) (Retcon)
Created by: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby 


Name: Homo Sapiens Superior
Phonetic: hómo sépiənz supɪ́riər
Aliases: Mutants, Homo Superior, Muties, Children of the Atom, Gene Jokes, Human Mutants, Abominations, Demons, Witchbreed, Earthlings, Homo Detritus, Spawn of Satan, Freaks, Mistakes of Nature, Spikes

Identity: Public
Universe: Earth-616
Base Of Operations: Earth, primarily Utopia and Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but also New York City and other locales
Body Type: Humanoid
Average Height: 
Average Weight: 
Hair: Variable
Skin: Variable
Number of Limbs: 4 
Number of Fingers: 5 
Number of Toes: 5
Place of origin: Earth 
Notable members: X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, Dark X-Men, New Mutants, Brotherhood of Mutants, Acolytes, Morlocks 
Inherent abilities: 
Special Adaptations: 
Technology Level: Same as that of the predominant society in which they inhabit.


Origin: A Homo Sapien Superior (also known as "mutant") is a being born with a genetic anomaly that grants them an extra-normal ability not possessed by normal humans. This anomaly is known as the "X-Factor" or "X-Gene."

Star System Of Origin: Sol
Home Planet: Earth, various



Human mutants (or Homo Sapiens Superior) were created by a star-faring race of humanoid aliens called the "Celestials". Approximately one million years ago, these beings came to Earth and performed genetic tests and experiments on Earth's highest lifeforms, the nascent human being. To test the versatility of human genes they implanted strands of a dormant DNA complex which would one day permit uncanny mutations of enormous scope in humanity. The abilities granted by the presence of this X-Gene can be minuscule to god-like, as evidenced by the great variety of powers exhibited by the many well known mutants of Earth. For example, many of the X-Men, and former members of the Brotherhood of Mutants are quite powerful, while others possess seemingly trivial abilities.
The first recorded mutant on Earth was Selene, known to have been active during the Hyborean Age (roughly 14,000 BC to 10,000 BC). En Sabah Nur followed millennia later, born in 30th Century BC Egypt and Garbha-Hsien in the Ho-Lo Shan Mountains of Northern Mongolia, China later still. During the time in which Apocalypse went into hibernation, only a handful of mutants emerged, including Nicodemus, Victor Creed, Raven Darkholme, James Howlett, and Jonas Graymalkin. There was an exponential increase in the mutant population during the 20th century. A popular explanation for this marked growth is the proliferation of nuclear technologies in the modern era.

Prior to M-Day, it was estimated that from one in 25,000 to one in 10,000 persons were mutants (numbers depend on the area; mutants tend to congregate in cities). An estimated 20,000 mutants lived in the United States, and 250,000 to 500,000 worldwide (some estimates place the number at twice that).

Secondary Mutation

Emma Frost and Beast's hands, after their Secondary Mutation.
Added by Gregory Martinian
Secondary Mutation is a phenomenon in which an existing mutant gains additional powers, or a change in appearance. The first known subject is Polaris.[2] Beast is actually the second and it is he who named the phenomenon.[3]
Secondary mutation is noted as the appearance of new powers, or an increase in existing powers.
The Secondary Mutation, like the release of the Extinction Gene, has been induced by the critical point reached by the world mutant population in 2001. Since the M-Day, there are no new Secondary Mutation subjects.

List of Secondary Mutation subjects

Character     Powers Change First Appearance after the Secondary Mutation 
Angel Sanguinal Healing Factor Uncanny X-Men #420 
Beast Feline Form New X-Men #114 
Elixir Dichromatimorphic Skin New Mutants Vol 2 #12 
 Emma FrostOrganic Diamond Form New X-Men #116 
Iceman Living Ice Form  
Polaris Absorbs Negative Emotions, Strength, Invulnerability & Amazonian Size Uncanny X-Men #254 


Mutants grew sharply in number during recent years, but on M-Day the Scarlet Witch used her magicks to depower approximately 91.4% of the world's mutant population,[4] leaving most without any trace of an X-Gene.[5] Now there are less than 200 individuals who are recognized as mutants. The Terrigen Mist was used to mimic X-Gene granted abilities in several former mutants, but the effects were dangerous and temporary. Almost all mutants from alternate realities residing in the Earth-616 reality retained their powers (i.e. Bishop, Dark Beast, Rachel Grey, Sugar-Man, etc.),[6] but this is apparently just a coincidence, since Jon Spectre lost his powers. Thus far, there have only been eight mutant manifestations since M-Day.

List of known Mutants

There are currently only about 200 mutants left. Here is a partial list of known living mutants, who retained (or regained) their powers after M-Day.


  • Adam-X (Adam Neramani)
  • Alchemy (Thomas Jones)
  • Amelia Voght
  • Angel (Warren Worthington III)
  • Anole (Victor Borkowski)
  • Arclight (Philippa Sontag)
  • Armor (Hisako Ichiki)
  • Astra (Beth Al-Reraph)
  • Asylum (Henrique Gallante)
  • Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier)
  • Avalanche (Dominic Petros)
  • Banshee (Terry Cassidy)
  • Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy)
  • Big Bertha (Ashley Crawford)
  • Bishop (Lucas Bishop)
  • Black Womb (Amanda Muller)
  • Blindfold (Ruth Aldine)
  • Bling! (Roxy Washington)
  • Bliss
  • Blaquesmith
  • Boom-Boom (Tabby Smith)
  • Cable (Nathan Summers)
  • Cannonball (Sam Guthrie)
  • Catiana (Tatiana Caban)
  • Dr. Cecilia Reyes
  • Collective Man (Chang, Han, Lin, Sun & Ho Tao-Yu)
  • Colossus (Piotr Rasputin)
  • Cyclops (Scott Summers)
  • Dark Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy)
  • Dazzler (Alison Blaire)
  • Debrii (Deborah Fields)
  • Doctor Nemesis (Dr. James Bradley)
  • Domino (Neena Thurman)
  • Doorman (DeMarr Davis)
  • Dragoness (Tamara Kurtz)
  • Dust (Sooraya Qadir)
  • Elixir (Joshua Foley)
  • Emma Frost
  • Empath (Manuel de la Rocha)
  • Emplate (Marius St. Croix)
  • Erg
  • Ernst
  • Evangeline Whedon
  • Exodus (Bennet du Paris)
  • Felon (Bobby Soul)
  • Firestar (Angelica Jones)
  • Flatman (Val Ventura)
  • Franklin Richards
  • Frederick Slade
  • Frenzy (Joanna Cargill)
  • Gambit (Remy LeBeau)
  • Gamesmaster (Jeremy Stevens)
  • Gateway
  • Gentle (Nezhno Abidemi)
  • Glob Herman (Robert Herman)
  • Gregor Smerdyakov
  • Havok (Alexander Summers)
  • Headhunter
  • Hellion (Julian Keller)
  • Husk (Paige Guthrie)
  • Iceman (Bobby Drake)
  • Indra (Paras Gavaskar)
  • Justice (Vance Astrovik)
  • Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh)
  • Kid Omega (Quentin Quire)
  • Kiden Nixon
  • Kraven the Hunter (Alyosha Kravinoff)
  • Kylun (Colin McKay)
  • Lady Mastermind (Regan Wyngarde)
  • Layla Miller
  • Leech
  • Lifeguard (Heather Cameron)
  • Lightbright (Obax Majid)
  • Lil' Bro
  • Lila Cheney
  • Litterbug
  • Living Monolith (Ahmet Abdol)
  • Loa (Alani Ryan)
  • Lorelei (Lorelei Travis)
  • M (Monet St. Croix)
  • Madison Jeffries
  • Magma (Amara Aquilla)
  • Malice
  • Mandrill (Jerome Beechman)
  • Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers)
  • Mastermind (Martinique Wyngarde)
  • Masque
  • Match (Ben Hamill)
  • Meggan Braddock
  • Mercury (Cessily Kincaid)
  • Micromax (Scott Wright)
  • Mikhail Rasputin
  • Mr. Immortal (Craig Hoolis)
  • Mister X
  • Molly Hayes
  • Mortis (Lois London)
  • Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox)
  • Mysterio (Francis Klum)
  • King Namor The Sub-Mariner     
  • Namora (Aquaria Neptunia)
  • Namorita Prentiss
  • Neophyte (Simon Hall)
  • Nightcrawler (Kurt Darkholme)
  • No-Girl (Martha Johansson)
  • Nocturne (TJ Wagner)
  • Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier)
  • Nuwa
  • Outlaw (Inez Temple)
  • Peter Wisdom
  • Pixie (Megan Gwynn)
  • Portal (Charles Little Sky)
  • Projector (Zachary Williams)
  • Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert)
  • Psylocke (Betsy Braddock)
  • Pulse (Augustus)
  • Purple Woman (Kara Killgrave)
  • Random (Marshall Stone III)
  • Raptor (Gary Wilton Jr.)
  • Rhapsody (Rachel Argosy)
  • Ricochet (Johnny Gallo)
  • Riptide (Janos Quested)
  • Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro)
  • Rogue (Anna Marie)
  • Sabra (Ruth Bat-Seraph)
  • Sage ("Tessa")
  • Scalphunter (John Greycrow)
  • Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
  • Sebastian Shaw
  • Shadow King
  • Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
  • Skein (Sybil Dvorak)
  • Skids (Sally Blevins)
  • Snow Leopards ( Ilya & Ioakim Koblev)
  • Speed (Tommy Shepherd)
  • Squirrel Girl  (Doreen Green)
  • Stepford Cuckoos ( Celeste, Irma & Phoebe Cuckoo)
  • Stinger (Wendy Sherman)
  • Storm (Ororo Iqadi T'Challa)
  • Strong Guy (Guido Carosella)
  • Sugar Man
  • Sunspot (Roberto da Costa)
  • Surge (Nori Ashida)
  • Tempo (Heather Tucker)
  • Thunderbird (Neal Shaara)
  • Timeslip (Rina Patel)
  • Tito Bohusk
  • Toad (Mortimer Toynbee)
  • Trance(Hope Abbott)
  • Typhoid Mary(Mary Walker)
  • Unuscione (Carmella Unuscione)
  • Vindaloo (Venkat Katregadda)
  • Warpath (James Proudstar)
  • Whirlwind (David Cannon)
  • Wiccan (Billy Kaplan)
  • Wiz Kid (Taki Matsuya)
  • Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair)
  • Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)
  • X-23 (Laura Kinney)

Mutants discovered/revealed or resurrected after M-Day

  • Alex
  • Blink (Clarice Ferguson)
  • Blockbuster (Michael Baer)
  • Bob
  • Cipher (Alisa Tager)
  • Cypher (Doug Ramsey)
  • Damian Tryp (Dafydd ap Andras)
  • Darwin (Armando Muñoz)
  • Doug and Jerry
  • Face
  • Famine (Jeb Lee)
  • Genesis (Evan Sabahnur)
  • Genocide (William Rolfson)
  • Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)
  • Graymalkin (Jonas Graymalkin)
  • Johnny Dee
  • Joseph
  • Kaufman
  • Klara Prast
  • Legion (David Haller)
  • Leon Nunez      
  • Magik (Illyana Rasputina)
  • Mastermind's clone
  • Melter (Chris Colchiss)
  • Milo Gunderson
  • Mystique (Raven Darkholme)
  • Omega (Michael Pointer)
  • Pestilence (Ichisumi)
  • Prism (Robbie)
  • Quicksilver's clone
  • Sabretooth (Victor Creed)
  • Scarlet Witch's clone
  • Shauna
  • "Tattooed Man"
  • Toad's clone
  • Toko
  • Toro (Thomas Raymond)
  • Trista
  • Vanisher
  • War (Decimus Furius)
  • Weapon III ("Skinless Man")
  • X-Man (Nate Grey)

Mutants repowered after M-Day

  • Chamber (Jono Starsmore)
  • Hybrid (Jimmy Marks)
  • Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr)
  • Professor X (Charles Xavier)
  • Polaris (Lorna Dane)
  • Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)
  • Rictor (Julio Richter)
  • Stacy X (Miranda Leevald)
  • Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida)

Mutants activated/born after M-Day

  • Hope Summers
  • Oya (Idie Okonkwo)
  • Primal (Teon Macik)
  • "Sixth Light"
  • Transonic (Laurie Tromette)
  • Velocidad (Gabriel Cohuelo)

Mutants from another species

Some mutants are not the evolution of humans, but other species (Dinosaur, Brood, Skrulls) or humanity's subspecies (Atlanteans, Inhumans, etc.). These individuals are not technically Homo-Superior, but they are mutants. For example, Danger is, according to Emma Frost and Armor, a "mutant program"; Ultra-Girl is "V factor mutant". It is unknown what effect a Decimation (if the "No more mutants" affected only the X-Gene of others forms of mutations) had on these mutants, but the following individuals are still powered:
  • Ariel
  • Beyonder
  • Broo
  • Crosta
  • Danger
  • Devil Dinosaur
  • Devil Dinosaur's clone
  • Krakoa
  • Longshot
  • Moon Boy
  • Shatterstar (Gaveedra Seven)
  • Ultra-Girl (Tsu-Zana)
  • Warlock

Powers and Abilities




Variable. Most do speak fluent English.

Average Strength level



Variable. Human intolerance and hatred.


Children of members of the Homo Superior race, most often have very similar, exact duplicates, or advanced versions of one or both parents' powers (example: Lady Mastermind, Wallflower, Polaris, Daken, Nightcrawler, Ruby Summers). Occasionally, the resulting offspring can have radically different powers (examples: Quicksilver, Magma). Neither of these results are uncommon when crossbreeding between Homo Superior and Homo Sapiens. Familial power similarities are not only passed from parent to child, but can also be common between siblings in first generation mutants families (examples: Frost Family Tree, Xavier Family Tree, Summers and Grey Family Tree). Though less common, powers can also vary widely within first generation mutants (examples: Guthrie Family Tree and Rasputin Family Tree) just as with parental power inheritance.
In very rare instances, a child of two Homo Superiors can evolutionarily regress and be born Homo Sapiens without an X-Gene (example: Graydon Creed).

Homo Superior have been shown to successfully crossbreed with several other genus Homo species (Homo sapiens, Homo inhumanus, Homo mermanus, etc.), gods (Asgardians, Eternals, etc.) and other humanoid aliens (Shi'ar, Mephitisoids, etc.).



According to Damian Tryp, Homo Killcrop is a genetic predecessor to Homo Superior. Also known as Changelings or Replacement People, this category of mutants possess an X-Gene which manifests at birth instead of during adolescence. The evolutionary trait of delaying the onset of mutant powers helped more members of the species survive and proliferate.[7] Changelings are still considered by most to be merely a subset of mutants. Also see the list of Changelings.


The Cheyarafim are a subset of angel-like mutants. Apparently the only survivor of the Cheyarafim is Angel. Also see the list of Cheyarafim.

Dominant Species

Maximus Lobo claimed he belong to a sub-species of lupine mutants he called the Dominant Species.[8] Additionally, Romulus claimed some human mutants evolved from canines instead of primates. Examples would include Wolfsbane, Feral and Wolf Cub. Also see the list of Lupine Form.

Depowered Mutants

Most depowered mutants are a result of M-Day. Some depowered mutants results other interventions such as the Hope Serum, power neutralizing guns, or losing powers due to other mutants. Some of these effects are temporary, but others are permanent. Some depowered mutants still consider themselves cultural mutants[9] despite not having powers. Also see the list of Depowered Mutants. Depowered mutants are generally divided into two categories:
  • Pans stands for Pass As Normal. These are former mutants who now appear completely human.[10] Examples include Beak, Lex and Prodigy.
  • Rems is short for remnants. These are former mutants left with some artifact of their former powers such as horns, bone crests, wings or odd tentacles.[10][11] Examples include Artie Maddicks, Marrow and Blob.


The Externals were a small group of immortal mutants, who posed themselves as a subspecies. Also see the list of Externals.

Homo Insectus

It was stated that one-third of the world's human population still carries the vestigial "insect gene", and Ana Soria is the only known mutant of this subspecies, the Homo Insectus.

Homo Supreme

It was stated that Mr. Immortal is not a Homo Superior, but the first member of the new species: Homo Supreme.[12]


The Neo believe themselves to be the next step of human-mutant evolution. The Neo appear to possess X-Genes, but claim to be far more powerful than regular mutants. The Neo separate themselves from the rest of mutants and isolate themselves from society. The Neo were affected by M-Day just like the rest of mutantkind. Not long after the return of Mutant Messiah, the Neo attacked Utopia and were completely killed by the Evolutionaries.[13] Also see the list of Neo.


The Neyaphem are a subset of demonic-looking mutants. They claim to be some of the oldest and most powerful mutants. Almost all of the Neyaphem are currently dead or depowered. Also see the list of Neyaphem.

Omega Level Mutants

Mutant power classifications have never been fully explained. However, Omega Level Mutant is a term that is commonly used to refer to a mutant possessing powers without foreseeable limits. Examples include Elixir's biokinesis[14][15] and Legion's spontaneous mutations.[16][17][18] Also see the list of confirmed Omega Level Mutants.

Beyond Omega

Some mutants were described to be beyond Omega. Vulcan by Prof. X after being exposed to burst of mutant energy[19] and Franklin Richards by Celestials[20].


Habitat: Earth, primarily Utopia and Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, but also New York City and other locales
Gravity: 9.80665 m / s2
Atmosphere: Roughly 78.09% Nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon, 0.038% Carbon Dioxide, and small amounts of other gases.
Population: Less than 200


Type of Government: Government type unknown.
Level of Technology: Technology level unknown.
Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.
  • Cyclops (Scott Summers) - Leader of the mutants nation on the Utopia
  • Wolverine (Logan) - Headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning