Astrans (Race) (Marvel Comics)

First appeared in The Incredible Hulk. A humanoid race with yellow skin and toe-less, flat feet, no hair, four lungs, and special glands in the stomach.[9] They have the ability to control metal like Magneto and three-quarters of the population are either priests or artists.[9] They are native to Astra, where 50% of the planet surface is metallic ore, and the remained is split evenly between water and soil.

Publication information

Publisher: Marvel Comics
First appearance: Incredible Hulk #6 (March, 1963)
Created by: 


Name: Astrans
Body Type: Humanoid
Average Height: 167,64 cm
Average Weight: 
Hair: No Hair
Skin: Yellow
Number of Limbs: 4
Number of Fingers: 5 
Number of Toes: None
Place of origin: Astra
Notable members: Metal Master
Inherent abilities: 
Special Adaptations: Hairless, have four lungs, special excretory glands on stomach.
Universe: Earth-616
Secret Identity: Secret
Base of Operations: Astra


Origin: Alien
Star System Of Origin: Mu Cephi
Home Planet: Astra


The only know Astran is the Metal Master. He claims he was judged to be a criminal and exiled from Astra as a result[1]. All information about Astra is therefore anecdotal; there is no way to tell how many of Metal Master's claims were true.

Metal Master twice attemped to conquer Earth, but was stopped once by the Hulk[1] and once by Rom the Spaceknight.

Powers and Abilities


Astrans naturally possess Magnetokinesis, the ability to psionically manipulate metallic substances. While most Astrans used this gift in the pursuit of art, the Metal Master elected to use his power to conquer galaxies.




Habitat: 50% of planet is metallic ore, 25% is water, and 25% is land
Gravity: 185% of Earth standard
Atmosphere: 50% Earth density with high oxygen content
Population: 10 Million


Type of Government: Theocracy
Level of Technology: Earth-level, but have intermediate star drives.
Cultural Traits: 75% of their population are either priests or artists
Representatives: Metal Master