Astra (Planet) (Marvel Comics)

Publication information

Publisher: Marvel Comics
First appearance: Incredible Hulk #6 (March, 1963)
Created by: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

In story information

Official Name: Astra
Type: Planet
Notable people: Metal Master
Notable races: Astran
Notable locations: 

Location Details

Universe: Earth-616
Star System: Mu Cephi
Planet: Astra


Astra was a planet populated by a race of sentient, bald, yellow-skinned humanoids. Astrans had the natural ability to telekinetically manipulate metallic substances. While most Astrans used their powers to create beautiful, metal sculptures, one Astrans, Molyb, sought to use his gifts to conquer the world. For this, he was deemed a criminal and sent into exile. Molyb renamed himself the Metal Master and explored the universe in search of a world rich in metal and ripe for conquest. He eventually came to Earth but was defeated by the incredible Hulk.

Points of Interest


  • Astrans
    • Molyb the Metal Master