Access (Marvel Comics/DC Comics)

Access (Axel Asher) is a fictional character owned by both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He made his first appearance in DC vs. Marvel #1 (March 1996), a special crossover between the two companies. He was created as both a way to explain the events of the story as well as a means to enable future intercompany crossovers.

Publication information

First appearance: DC vs. Marvel #1 (February, 1996)
Created by: Claudio Castellini (penciler), Dan Jurgens (penciler), Paul Neary (inker), Peter David (writer), Ron Marz (writer)

In-story information

Alter ego: Axel Asher
Phonetic: ǽksɛ̀s
Notable aliases: Man of Two Worlds, Cosmic Hall Monitor, Morty, Morty Asher, Axel "Morty" Asher
Relatives: Unnamed sister, Ming Kuo-Fan (girlfriend on Earth-616); Caitlin Fitzgerald (girlfriend on the mainstream DC Universe)

Affiliations: AquamanBilly Batson, Bishop (Marvel Comics), Cannonball (Marvel Comics), Cyclops (Marvel Comics), Elektra (Marvel Comics), FӏashGreen LanternHulk, Jean Grey (Marvel Comics), Jubilee (Marvel Comics), Lobo (DC Comics), Martian Manhunter, Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics), Spider-Man (Marvel Comics), Storm (Marvel Comics), Superboy, The Brothers Yin and Yang (DC Comics/Marvel Comics), Thor (Marvel Comics), Wolverine

Team affiliations:
Enemies: Abominite (Amalgam Universe) (Amalgam Comics), Amazon (Amalgam Universe) (Amalgam Comics), Cyborg Superman, Dark Claw (Amalgam Universe) (Amalgam Comics), Darkseid (DC Comics), Deathstroke, Dr. Strangefate (Amalgam Universe) (Amalgam Comics), Eddie Brock (Marvel Comics), Jade Nova (Amalgam Universe) (Amalgam Comics), Killer Croc (DC Comics), Parallax, Scorpion (Marvel Comics), Skulk (Amalgam Universe) (Amalgam Comics), Super-Soldier (Amalgam Universe) (Amalgam Comics), Terrax (Marvel Comics), Thanos (Marvel Comics), Venom (Marvel Comics), Two-Face (DC Comics), Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Marvel Comics), White Witch (Amalgam Universe) (Amalgam Comics)

  • cross-dimensional awareness
  • dimensional transportation
  • merge
  • time travel

Base Of Operations
: New York City, New York; Various times and locations throughout the Marvel and DC Multiverses


Alignment: Neutral
Identity Secret: Secret
Race: Extra-Dimensional Temporal Human mutant
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Part-Time Graduate Student / Keeper of the Transdimensional Gateway Between the Marvel and DC Multiverses

Education: Graduate student


Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Unusual Features:


 Earth-616/New Earth 


Axel Asher grew up in a small American town with his parents and sister at the age of seven, he was wounded in the leg with a gun, that his little sister had found in the room of their parents, trying to it back. The injury left him with a slight limp and what should be the most traumatic memories of his childhood to his transformation into Access. Axel became aware of his extraordinary powers when two cosmic entities, known only by the name of "Brothers", embodying each a degree of reality (or universal multiversel), took their side aware of the existence of one of the Another result of meetings between representatives of their respective worlds and decided to oppose their respective champions in a conflict in order to prove their superiority over their counterparts. Eleven heroes of each world and were selected to compete, the winner being the one who immobilize his opponent first and being the overall winner earning the most wins. Axel was an ordinary teenager, living in New York, where, after seeing Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) projected to the universe of Earth-1, he met by chance an old bum in an alley, trying to protect what appeared to be a toy box, but turned out to be a portal between two worlds. The old man also revealed that Axel was the next in a long line, of individuals having the authority and responsibility to be "Access", a being responsible for preventing the two worlds merge into one alone, a risk exists because these two worlds had once been and was split at the first battle of the Brothers. Some fragments of the unique original remained, including the "box" and Access.

At the height of the battle between the brothers, when the last duel was over, the universe of Earth-616 proved to be the winner with six wins out of five for the universe of Earth-1 and, almost immediately, the two worlds merged into a single amalgamated universe by the Spectre and the Living Tribunal to prevent the end of the two worlds. Access used shards of each universe of origin, hidden inside the body of Batman and Captain America again to separate the two worlds and restore them to their state prior to the amalgamation, despite the fierce opposition of Dr. Strangefate. Helped the two heroes who, in some way, were the land of the two brothers avatars, Access helped put an end to the conflict between the two entities, sparing the destruction both worlds when the brothers, watching the two heroes realized the folly of their infighting. Access now a native of both worlds, had the burden of maintaining separate these two worlds, preventing reformation of the universe "amalgamated". It must thus move from one world to another in order to prevent people from crossing dimensional barriers. However, if left too long in one place, it can cause spontaneous these meetings, which forced him to move regularly.

Axel Asher resumed his studies at Empire State University of New York, encountering during the course of Chinese history, Ming Kuo-fan, who soon became his girlfriend. However, the spirit of Dr. Strangefate was hidden in the subconscious Dr. Strange of Earth-616 and was able to manipulate it so that it teleports beings of universe to the other, in order to prepare way for the return of the universe amalgamated. Six months after the conflict Brothers, Axel, in full invitation for parents Kuo-fan, had to go on the Earth-1 after finding that Venom had been sent. Adopting the appearance of Access, then went to Metropolis, saving the lives of Caitlin Fitzgerald threatened by Venom. Superman arrived on the scene, dealing with Venom for that Access was returning to Earth-616 to recruit the help of Spider-Man and on Earth-1, took a sonic generator Laboratories STAR successfully Eddie Brock then separated from his symbiote. The fight ended, Access brought each character on his home world. After allowing Jubilee of Earth-616, and Robin of Earth-1, to find, and have faced Two-Face, Access discovered the Scorpion (Gargan McDonald) Earth-616 in Gotham City Land- 1. Batman quickly extinguished by the criminal was sent on his world by Access, it accompanied the protector of Gotham, went to investigate these apparently spontaneous recent travels between universes. Arriving in New York, Access noticed the similarity between the window the Holy of Holies of Dr. Strange and the Tower of Dr. Arkham Strangefate, despite the denials of Dr. Strange respect to its role in the recent events, Batman tried to take him to Earth-1 to probe his mind, triggering a conflict between him, Dr. Strange, conflict soon spread to X-Men, alerted by Jubilee dimensional problems, then the Justice League, brought on locations for Access. As the battle raged, Dr. Strange felt losing control of his mind, and soon reappeared Dr. Strangefate, taking control of the body of Sorcerer Supreme and beginning to recreate the universe amalgamated by fusing the League and the X- Men. Access manages to escape his enemies and could release the astral form of Dr. Strange. It entered his body again and could overcome the spirit of Strangefate; whole again, Dr. Strange left a semblance of reality exist Amalgamated Strangefate, trapping it in a container then entrusted to Access ensure that both the permanent isolation. This crisis resolved, Access brought Justice League of Earth-1 and some time living in this world, soon approached Caitlin Fitzgerald with whom he began a relationship.

Finally returning to Earth-616, after the margin got involved in a fight pitting Spider-Man and the Kingpin of Earth-616 and Batman and Ra's al Ghul-Earth-1, Axel renewed with Ming Kuo -Fan, some time later, it was attacked by Mantis, a native god Apokolopis a dimension of Earth-1, and his new partner, the Scourge of the Earth 616. Spider-Man intervened, soon helped Wonder Woman of Earth-1 brought to the site by Access. The two criminals were defeated, but time does Axel discovers that Mantis had they disappeared both in a flash of light, leaving the young man to examine the causes and circumstances of their alliance. Wonder Woman returning to Earth-1, he was attacked by the Hulk, another interdimensional moved, when he was saved by Green Lantern, Access have also realized that he had traveled back in time by crossing dimensional barriers, Jordan was at the time considered dead. After returning Hulk on his home world when Access wandered through the ages of both worlds, going past Earth-1, along with Jonah Hex and-Gun and the future of Earth-616, meeting Legion of Super-Heroes (Apparition, Brainiac-5, Cosmic-Boy, Ferro, Saturn Girl, Spark, Triad and Ultra-Boy) and the X-Men (Colossus, Magneto, Franklin Richards, Shadowcat, Rachel Summers, Tornado , Wolverine), while fighting the Sentinels Mark-Omega, before rising again to the beginning of time heroic ages of both worlds, crossing in Gotham City, Batman and a young Daredevil still in his yellow uniform.'s when Axel lost control of his powers, leading to cross eras, mix and change, continuing to "bounce" between epochs. He brought him to the attention of the Time Variance Authority (Earth-616) and Linear-Men (Earth-1), the two organizations judging represent a temporal anomaly unacceptable, but before they intervene directly Access was extracted from the timestream by Morty, the old beggar who had revealed his role a few months ago. It revealed to him then be a future version of himself - Access is capable of traveling through time, and it was pointless to have a succession of individuals that role over time, recognizing it had initially lied evoking a "long line of keepers dimensional portals" to help Axel to accept his role. He revealed that these mixtures dimensional continue to occur spontaneously if Access still too long in one place; Morty preparing to further revelations when he realized that their dual presence had resulted in "overflow dimensional" allowing Darkseid and his army of Apokolips to invade Earth-616 soon opposed by the first Avengers (Captain America, Giant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man and Thor), themselves reinforced by the first Justice League (Aquaman, Black Canary , Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter). Both groups managed to defeat the minions of Darkseid until Amazing Grace used his mental powers to bring the two groups of heroes fight each other, allowing the forces of Darkseid to retreat, to reappear on Asteroid M where Darkseid and Magneto concluded an agreement, joining forces to conquer Earth. Access used his powers to intervene old enjoyed a Superman (in its energy) that used his electrical powers to release the heroes of mental influence Amazing Grace. When Para-Demons Darkseid attacked again the hero, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Magneto (Brain, Toad, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver) tried to kidnap Access, which appealed to Superboy, Impulse, Robin, Wonder -Girl and Captain Marvel Jr. to defend and repel attackers. When they were reinforced by the Colossus, Sabre-Teeth, the Scourge and Mystique, Access conjured the first X-Men (Angel, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Marvel Girl) which permitted the hero to take the above on their enemies the Brotherhood returned Asteroid M while Darkseid and Magneto officially revealed their alliance. When Angel and Robin fought, coming soon to your hands on the strategy, Axel tried to separate them but, on the contrary, merged into a new entity, Redwing.

Using these new powers, and learning by Professor X and Magneto that Darkseid gathered their forces on Asteroid M, Access merged heroes Earth-1 with those of Earth-616, before the satellite teleport Justice League Earth-616 in order to go on Asteroid M. During this time, a mysterious masked ally amalgamated Darkseid's servants it Magneto and in anticipation of the onslaught of heroes. Access and "X-League" attacked the asteroid, the opposing soon "Brotherhood of Evil Gods" on Earth, the heroes unbundled resumed their battle against the forces of Darkseid. Axel was finally face Darkseid and his strange ally, discovering that it was a later version of himself, the two clashed Access through a multitude of strange amalgamated universe, before the young Axel, realizing that it lost the battle, decides to merge with its counterpart future. Reappearing on Asteroid M, the new Access refused to serve longer and caused Darkseid soon a dispute between two allies, who turned against one another. Darkseid decided to abandon his conquest of Earth-616, returning to his home world, he swore to Axel break sooner or later to reshape its image. Access restored to all the heroes in their original form and sent them each in their own world and own time.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cosmic Awareness: Access is able to sense the presence of beings and objects in the universes that are somehow of importance to him for whatever reason. 
  • Teleportation: Access is able to teleport at will, and can use this ability in many ways, including: -Can teleport from the Marvel Universe to the DC Universe and vice versa -Able to travel through time -Can teleport up to 8 people along with him 
  • Amalgamation: Access can combine two people from opposite universes together to share their powers. He is also able to change them back to their normal states.


Strength level


If Access stays in one place for too long, he may accidentally create universal crossovers.