Robocop (Dynamite Entertainment)

Publication information

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
First appearance: RoboCop #1 - The Future of Law Enforcement (October 1, 1987)
Created by: Agustin Mas (letterer ), Alan Kupperberg (penciler), Bob Harras (writer), Javier Saltares (penciler), Mark Texeira (cover), Michael Higgins (editor), Mike Rockwitz (colorist), Tony DeZuniga

In-story information

Alter ego: Alex J. Murphy
Notable aliases: Murphy, Alex Murphy, Metallic Mofo, Robo
Affiliations: Anne Lewis
Team affiliations: Detroit Police Department, Human Resistance, OCP
Enemies: Cain, Clarence Boddicker, Dick Jones, ED-209, Terminator
Abilities: Adaptive, Attractive Male, Electronic interaction, Flight, Gadgets, Healing, Implants, Intellect, Invulnerability, Leadership, Longevity, Marksmanship, Power Item, Power Mimicry, Power Suit, Radar Sense, Siphon Lifeforce, Stamina, Super Hearing, Super Sight, Super Strength, Unarmed
Combat, Weapon Master


Alignment: Good
Identity Secret:
Race: Cyborg
Citizenship: American
Marital Status:


Gender: Male
Unusual Features:




"The Man Behind the Machine"


In  Detroit where it is near future is where it all began. Where there is much war and pollution and terrorists. It was beginning to become a daily thing for a
cop to die there. When a company named  Omni Consumer Products came in trying to clean up the city. They want to make Detroit into Delta City. Where there is no crime or anything wrong. They want to replace cops with machines with heavy weapons. When they brought in an android called  ED-209 it still had a glitch and shot a man and killed him. That's when a man named Bob Morton stepped in and showed them the Robocop project. They gave it a thumbs up but, it still needed a human host. After a cop named Alex J. Murphy was killed after chasing a gang ran by Clarence J. Boddicker there was an opening. Alex killed two of his men before he is shot to death. Alex was said to be dead in the hospital. That's when a group of scientists started to work on his body to create a human cyborg cop.
After the added the cyborg attachments he was finally online and working. Alex would travel the city looking for crime that he could give justice. His methods were on the line of police brutality. Alex does anything and will hurt anyone in his way of protecting the innocent.

When a memory comes back

Alex is recovering what left he has of a memory. He remembers only a few things about his family. Later his old partner finds him named  Anne Lewis he starts to progress. He starts to put the pieces together of his past life of Alex. He then starts to track his killers. He later gets one of the gangs members arrested and learns that there is drugs involved. That's when Alex raids a factory almost killing everyone. That's when he caught his killer Boddicker. Boddicker tells Alex what had happened and Alex was on the verge of killing him. But, he respected the law and spared his life and puts him in
jail. Then Alex went to OCP building. As he tries to arrest Jones but, he then stops in his tracks. Jones had put something in Alex where if he tried to arrest Jones that it would result in shutdown. Jones then had ED-209 try to kill Alex. Alex did escape though but, was almost killed. That's when a large group of cops try to capture Alex. After taking many rounds of armor piercing bullets he then had to get away. Alex then hurls himself down many stories of the building. This is when his old partner helps him out and repairs his body. A while later Jones is afraid that Alex might reveal his secret. So he has Boddicker and all of his gang removed from prison. Jones gives them military weapons and a tracking device. They then track Alex to the old mill where they killed him. Alex and his partner Anne is alerted by their arrival. Alex kills a couple men before the fight began. Then a gun fight and a car chase began. Alex's partner gets in the car. Anne then makes one of the gang members drive off into a ditch and was killed. While Alex was taking down all of the gang members. Then Boddicker has seemingly killed Anne. Then Alex and Boddicker have a big gun fight and bullets fly. That's when Alex from point blank killed Boddicker. Alex is damaged and Anne is really hurt. But, Alex continues on to find Jones. When Alex found him he couldn't arrest him. But, tells the people at a board meeting why. He then plays a recording of Jones admitting to murder. Jones then tried taking a chairman as a hostage. That's when a man yells you are fired. Now Alex has the freedom to kill him. He shoots Jones and Jones falls out of a
window to his death. Alex is then a big man in the police force. He still has to deal with being a cyborg, but he smiles in the end.

Robocop versus Terminator

It is in Detroit where RoboCop is the target of a killer cyborg named the Terminator is sent to kill him. Alex learns that  Skynet is responsible for the future creating these cyborgs. He then will try to take them down and fight back as best as he can. Alex waits for Skynet to be busy with something else so he could strike. When he finally makes his move he creates a Terminator that represents his old form. He then tries to escape. During his escape he almost killed by some humans. But, then tells the humans what he is trying to do and they then join with him. As they plan the attack very carefully. They then realize they don't have the man power to do the attack. Then RoboCop then tells them that he made a replica of the Terminator that looked like him. They then ask him to make more. After the army of RoboCop replicas is built they begin the attack. All of the other RoboCop replicas fight the war. That's when the real Robocop sneaks in the building. This is where they destroy a spy satellite. This explosion then destroys the terminators fighting
outside. Then a replica of RoboCop blasts in space and escapes.

Powers and Abilities



Strength level






The Auto-9 is a powerful hand gun which is stored on a mechanical bracket in RoboCop's right leg. This weapon fires three round bursts. Clips of ammunition are stored in the right wrist of RoboCop's armor.
RoboCop's left hand is also removable and can be replaced with a Gatling gun as shown in  Frank Miller's RoboCop, and in the film Robocop 3, although in the film it resembles more of a futuristic assault rifle than a Gatling gun.
RoboCop also has what is referred to by fans as a "dataspike" a computer terminal accessing device that resembles a long metallic spike that is occasionally used as a impromptu melee weapon.