Zatara (DC Comics)

Zachary Zatara is a fictional character in the DC Universe. Zachary is a descendant of the Homo Magi just like his cousin Zatanna and uncle John Zatara. He first appeared in Teen Titans (vol. 3) # 34, and was created by Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel.

Publication information

Publisher: DC Comics
First appearance: Teen Titans (vol. 3) # 34 (May 2006)
Last appearance: Teen Titans Vol 3 #100 (October, 2011)
Created by: Geoff Johns, Tony Daniel

In-story information

Alter ego: Zachary Zatara 
Notable aliases: 
Relatives: John Zatara (uncle, deceased), Sindella Zatara (aunt, deceased), Zatanna Zatara (cousin), Nostradamus; Alessandro Cagliostro; alchemists Nicholas Flamel and Evan Fulcanelli; and King Arion of Atlantis (all paternal ancestors)

Affiliations: Aquagirl, Argent, Terra, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Bunny, Flamebird, Red Devil, Little Barda, Offspring, Poprocket, Power Boy, Prysm, Raven, Superman, Red Robin, Young Frankenstein

Team affiliations: Teen Titans
Enemies: Black Adam, Brutus, Copperhead, Dodge, Dreadbolt, Kid Crusader, Mammon, Benjamin Raymond, Mirabai, Neron, The Persuader (Pre-Zero Hour), Disruptor, Michael Beldon

 Can use magic by speaking the desired effect backwards. Cannot affect human beings. 
Base Of Operations: Mobile


Alignment: Good
Identity Secret: Public
Race: Homo Magi
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Stage magician, former Adventurer


Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
Unusual Features: None


Origin: Zachary is a Homo Magi.
Universe: New Earth 


After the events of Day of Vengeance, when magic in the universe was changed, Zachary developed abilities similar to his
relatives, Zatanna Zatara and John Zatara. Calling himself the "most popular teenaged magician", he briefly joined the Teen Titans. Zachary had little tact, patience, and modesty when it came to his skills. As a result, he was left with few to no friends amongst the Titans, many of whom looked at him as a selfish brat.
During the initial "auditions" for the Teen Titans, Zachary met with Kid Devil , with whom he would share a very shaky friendship. One night after performing as a stage magician in Metropolis, Zachary was approached by Eddie, who asked him about a mysterious candle that he had found. Zachary explained that Eddie's candle was magical in nature and Eddie lit it. They were transported to Neron's realm and met Neron himself. Although he advised Eddie not to listen to Neron's offers, Eddie made a deal with the demon whereupon he was transformed into a real demon. Neron then sendt both the "new" Kid Devil and Zachary back to Earth. Zachary reluctantly kept Eddie's secret.

Zachary helped Eddie gain entrance into the Teen Titans, and together they had multiple adventures. They battled Kid Crusader and, during one stint, went to New Azarath, where they were almost eaten by the Phantasm. Zachary remained a Titan for several months, before eventually quitting because one of his female teammates was driving him crazy, destabilizing his powers.

One Year Later, he was performing as a professional stage magician in Japan with an assistant, Bunny, whom he treated with mixed amounts of kindness and condescension. The current Teen Titans came to speak with him, as they were looking for their teammate Raven. Zachary wanted nothing to do with them and did not remember his times with Eddie or the Titans fondly. Still, he stated that Raven came to him in Japan and began to ask him "weird questions... about herself". After he kicked them out, it was revealed that he possessed a secret photograph of Raven. At the last second, he tried to call Eddie back, but they had already left and he went back to his show.

Recently he has appeared in the Teen Titans Second-Feature: Coven of Three, appearing alongside Traci 13 and Black Alice. They are each given their greatest desire by three demons, Zachary's greatest desire is to be loved, and his dead girlfriend is brought back along with their two children.

When Zatanna came to Las Vegas[1] for a string of shows, she found Zachary and Bunny having a wild party in her hotel room. Zachary was performing in town and Zatanna had promised to see one of his late shows, as she hadn't before. After missing his show, Zachary seeks Zatanna out, only to find that she was being forced into marriage with Benjamin Raymond, who was in a contract with the wealthy demon Mammon to steal Zatanna's soul and had used a potion to hypnotize his cousin. He awakens her, and the two fight off Raymond's hoard of corpses and Mammon before the latter decides to settle for the soul of Raymond. Raymond begs for Zatanna save him, and she does so by turning him into a large lump of gold for other humans to crave and desire, a feeling Mammon treasures. Mammon leaves the Zataras, stating that they would meet again. Zachary asks whether Zatanna will be heading home to San Francisco the next day. She tells him that she'll be leaving the night after, once she has watched his show.

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: Like other members of the Zatara family, Zachary is able to manipulate magic by speaking spells backwards. So far, his powers have been shown to affect inanimate objects, summon simple objects into existence, and transmogrify one object to another.


  • Prestidigitation: Zachary Zatara is a master of the art of "sleight of hand" and is an accomplished stage magician.

Strength level


  • Power Limitation: It is unknown how his magical strength level compares with his cousin Zatanna. However, it is weaker since he states he can not affect human beings--although he can affect doves, suggesting he cannot affect complex organisms.