Vega (Star System) (DC Comics)

The eternally corrupt Vega planetary system is home for many races like the Okaarians, the Branx, the Citadelians, the Spider Guild, and the Tamaranians. It is also home to Agent Orange and his Orange Lantern Corps.

Publication information

Publisher: DC Comics
First appearance: Green Lantern (Volume 2) #142 (July, 1981)
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In story information

Official Name: Vega
Aliases: Vega Star System, Sector 2828 Star 732
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Notable races: 
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Location Details

Universe: Earth-One, New Earth
Sector: Sector 2828
Star System: Vega


The star system of Vega is the original home of the Citadel and was the base of operations for the Omega Men. Vega is home to the Psions, an alien race who were experimented upon by the Maltusians. In time, they learned how to master the technology the Maltusians left behind when they immigrated to Oa. When the Psions tried to make contact with their creators, the Guardians of the Universe expressed remorse over their actions and disappointment that the Psions had not learned any understanding from the technology. They sent them to Vega in the hopes that could develop in peace, but the Psions grew to hate the Guardians. To prevent any further interference on their part, the Guardians added a law to the Book of Oa forbidding them and their agents, the Green Lantern Corps, to enter the Vega system. As a result, the system became a refuge for criminals and aggressive entities. Vega is also of critical importance to the activities of the Spider Guild and represents a major Guild nest.

Just prior to the War of Light, it was revealed that the realize reason that Vega was forbidden was due to a deal made with Agent Orange, the wielder of the orange light of avarice. The pact stipulated that Guardians would not enter Vega while Larfleeze would be allowed to wield the Orange light in peace, as long as it stayed buried on Okaara. When Larfleeze declared the treaty null and void, the Guardians enacted the Fourth Law in the Book of Oa, which provided them jurisdiction in the Vega star system. This brought them and the Green Lantern Corps into conflict with the Orange Lantern Corps.

Points of Interest

Planets of the Vega System (closest to farthest)

  • Citadel Homeworld
  • Culacao
  • Karna
  • Hny'xx
  • New Alliance (formerly the Prison Planet)
  • Sindromeda
  • Emana Branx
  • Tamaran (destroyed)
  • Rashashoon
  • Unnamed Planet
  • Unnamed Planet
  • Unnamed Planet
  • Okaara
  • Voorl
  • Kuraq
  • Euphorix
  • Slagg
  • Rogue
  • Dredfahl
  • Aello
  • Ogyptu
  • Changralyn 

Other Locales in or near the Vega system

  • Hnyxx Moon: Hnyxx was a planet in the Vega star system. One of Hnyxx's natural satellites was a fortress-moon dominated by the Citadel. When the Princess of Tamaran Starfire fled slavery at the hands of the Gordanians, War Party leader Trogarr destroyed the moon in an effort to recapture her.
  • Blue Nebula
  • Madgap Nebula
  • Tallgrass (moon of Euphorix)
  • Transit (asteroid)
  • Cestos (moon of Emana Branx)
  • Hanasi Robotics Station
  • Tamaran Base (2nd moon of Tamaran)
  • Visaya (2nd moon of Okaara)
  • Uxor
  • Psion Homeworld
  • Ring of Life (also known as "X'Hal's Crown")
  • Jalascis (a planetless moon)

Vega as seen from Earth

Vega is the 5th brightest star in the night sky, with a magnitude of 0.04. Vega is 26 light-years away from Earth. Vega is part of the constellation Lyra (The Lyre). Vega will become Earth's north pole star around 14,000 A.D.