Rann (Planet) (DC Comics)

Rann is a fictional planet in the Polaris star system (formerly the Alpha Centauri System) of the DC Comics Universe whose capitol city is Ranagar. Rann is most famous for being the adopted planet of the Earth explorer and hero Adam Strange and for their teleportation device called the Zeta Beam. The planet Rann, along with her famous non-native son, first appeared in Showcase #17 (November–December 1958).

Publication information

Publisher: DC Comics
First appearance: Showcase #17 (December, 1958)
Created by: 

In story information

Official Name: Rann
Type: Planet
Notable people: 
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Location Details

Universe: Earth-One, New Earth
Sector: 2682
Star System: Alpha Centuri
Planet: Rann


The following is a list of historical events that took place in Rann in the DC Universe:
  • A series of atomic wars plunged the planet of Rann into a Dark Ages. Countries degenerated into warring city-states and the ambient radiation left behind from the wars rendered most of the male populace sterile. The citizens of Rann came close to the brink of extinction. [1]
  • Rann's leading scientist, Sardath, developed teleportation technology known as a Zeta-Beam and used it to transport the Earth archeologist, Adam Strange, to Rann. It was Sardath's hope that Adam would mate with his daughter Alanna, and that the couple would produce offspring.
  • A psychopathic Rannian from Dys named Tak Vall engaged upon a plot to destroy the capitol city of Ranagar. He constructed life-sized dolls crafted in the image of Adam Strange and implanted them with bombs that would blow up the city. Alanna helped to smuggle the true Adam Strange into Dys, where he successfully exposed Tak Vall's plan and destroyed the bombs. [2]
  • Villainous Vor Kan used Grikkian robots to lay siege to the capitol city of Ranagar. Adam Strange tracked Vor Kan down and destroyed the command center used to control the robots. [3]
  • A would-be conqueror named Oran Dargg used Zeta-Beam technology to transport the planet Earth into Rann's orbit. He threatened to collide the two worlds unless Rann declared him ruler of the planet. Adam Strange teamed up with Hawkman and Hawkwoman to stop Oran Dargg, and Sardath developed a Nega-Zeta-Beam to return Earth to its correct location. [4]
  • The Swamp Thing accompanied Adam Strange back to Rann to help revitalize dying plant life that had suffered from the atomic fallout. [5]
  • Rann enters into trade agreements with Thanagar, exchanging technology for crops.
  • Grayven, the son of Darkseid attacks Rann. Adam Strange enlists the aid of the Darkstars and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner).
  • The En'Tarans invade Rann in an effort to acquire their Zeta-Beam technology. The JLA become involved and are pressed into slavery. Adam Strange helps to free the JLA and together they create a large-scale Zeta-Beam which is used to teleport the entire En'Taran fleet away from the planet. [6]
  • Earth hero Jack Knight visits the planet Rann. [7]
  • At the behest of Alexander Luthor, Superboy-Prime used his super-strength to physically relocate the entire planet into the Polaris sytem, placing it within close proximity to the planet Thanagar. This caused massive geological upheavel on the latter world, and resulted in what has since become known as the Rann-Thanagar War. [8]
  • Green Lantern Vath Sarn traveled to Rann to assist Adam Strange with taking down a villain equipped with a mecha-armor.

Points of Interest


  • Adytum
  • Dys
  • Illsomar
  • Kamorak
  • Kryys
  • Ranagar (Capitol City)
  • Samakand
  • Yardanna
  • Zared

Abyx Sea
Adam Strange Museum

Constructed by Sardath to honor Rann's chosen protector.

Crater Island
Dysian Heights
Flame Ocean
Karallian Marshes

This was the secret lair of would-be conqueror Oran Dargg.

Tower of Rainbow Doom

This is a dungeon in Yardanna which enables the Zoora tribal members to transport prisoners to Rann's sister world, Anthorann. The tower earns it's name because it is surrounded by a trail of multi-colored lights.


  • Adam Strange
  • Adam Strange II
  • Alanna Strange
  • Aleea Strange
  • Alva Xar
  • Delaken
  • Marleah
  • Sardath
  • Ulthoon
  • Vath Sarn
  • Bobba - A revolutionary
  • Kal Jat - Chief of the Ranagar City security forces
  • Navelo - A terrorist from Zarad who once sought to destroy Ranagar
  • Oran Dargg - a would-be conqueror
  • Vor Kan - a robotocist and would-be conqueror
  • Xaltan Torr - Head of the Ranagar city council


  • Zoora tribe


Rann is known for the creation of many advanced technological achievements, including the following:
  • Menticizer - a device that translates foreign languages into the native Rannian tongue.
  • Omega Beam - A destructive energy weapon, it's name and function are similar to the energy used by the Apokoliptian despot, Darkseid.
  • Zeta-Beam - Developed by the scientist Sardath, the Zeta-Beam can instantly teleport individuals from faraway worlds back to Rann.