Polaris System (Location) (DC Comics)

Publication information

Publisher: DC Comics
First appearance: Showcase Vol 1 #103 (August, 1978) 
Created by: Joe Orlando, Joe Kubert, Jack C. Harris, Al Milgrom, Murphy Anderson, Gene D'Angelo, Ben Oda, Larry Hama 

In story information

Official Name: Polaris
Type: Star System
Notable people: 
Notable races: 
Notable locations: 

Location Details

Universe: Real World, Earth-One, New Earth
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Polaris


The Polaris system is a star system that revolves around the North Star, Polaris. One of the primary worlds of the Polaris system is the planet Thanagar. It is part of Green Lantern Corps Space Sector 2682. Thanagarians describe Polaris as a "harsh sun" and the "fierce witness to uncounted battles". During the Rann-Thanagar War when the Omega-Beam teleported the planet Rann into Thanagar's planetary orbit, it propelled Thanagar off it's axis, driving it perilously close towards it's sun. The ultraviolet radiation from Polaris became so intense that Thanagar's atmosphere ignited.

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