Nora Allen (DC Comics) information

Publisher: DC Comics
First appearance: Flash: Rebirth #1 (June, 2009)
Last appearance: Flash: Rebirth #1 (June, 2009)
Created by: Dan DiDio, Ethan Van Sciver, Moose Baumann, Alex Sinclair, Geoff Johns, Rob Leigh, Joey Cavalieri, Chris Conroy

In-story information

Alter ego: Nora Thompson
Phonetic: nɔ́rə ǽlən
Notable aliases: 
Relatives: Henry Allen (husband), Barry Allen and Malcolm Thawne (sons), Iris West Allen (daughter-in-law), Dawn Allen (granddaughter), Don Allen (grandson), Kid Flash (Grand grandson), XS (Post-Zero Hour) (grand granddaughter), Wally West, Jai West (nephew), Impulse, Linda Park (niece) - see Allen Family for complete family tree

Affiliations: Captain Boomerang, Eric Russell, Jayson Garrick, Jesse Quick, Fran Russell, Mary West, Meloni Thawne, Owen Mercer, Professor Zoom
Team affiliations: Flash Family
Enemies: Professor Zoom
Base Of Operations: Fallville, Iowa


Alignment: Neutral
Identity Secret: Public
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Married


Gender: Female
Hair: Blond
Unusual Features:


Universe: New Earth 
Place of Birth: Fallville, Iowa


Nora Allen was the wife of Dr. Henry Allen and mother of The Flash and Malcolm Thawne. She grew up in the small town of Fallville, Iowa. On the stormy night of May 13th, two pregnant women came to the office of Dr. Gilmore. However, the doctor had been drinking, and he had sent his nurse home. The child of one of the women, Charlene Thawne, had been strangled on its own umbilical cord, and Gilmore was too intoxicated to save the poor baby. However, the other woman, Nora Allen, successfully gave birth to twin boys.

Gilmore, trying to be fair, gave one of the twins to the Thawne family, telling the Allens that one of their children had been stillborn. The twin that remained with the Allens was named Barry, and he grew up to be the Flash. The other twin, however, was raised by the Thawnes, and he was named Malcolm.

The time-travelling Professor Zoom decided to get revenge on the Flash. Travelled back in time to Barry's childhood and murders Nora. Due to a lack of evidence, Henry was convicted. However, Barry could never believe that his father had killed Nora, and this led him to become a policeman.


Waking up suddenly at his desk, Barry Allen has only a few seconds to puzzle out the fact that something in his work environment has changed before he hears that a Rogue named Miss Alchemy is engaging in a felony. Barry starts running to get there, only to fall down a nearby flight of stairs. This alone is a puzzle to him, but then he is greeted by an even bigger shock Nora Allen, still alive in the present day and coming to visit him.

It is later revealed to Barry by the Reverse-Flash that the Flashpoint timeline was actually created by Barry himself, after he traveled back in time to stop Thawne from killing his mother. After Barry reveals his secrets and his inadvertent role of creating a apocalyptic world to his mother, he bids a tearful farewell to her, knowing he must travel back in time to stop his younger self from altering time.

Once meeting his younger self moments before he arrives to the past, Barry merges with his young counterpart during the attempt to stop him, but also inadvertantly creates another alternate timeline which slightly differs from the original.

Powers and Abilities



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