Hot Pursuit (DC Comics)

Publication information

Publisher: DC Comics
First appearance: Flash Vol 3 #6 (January, 2011)
Appearance of Death: Flash Vol 3 #12 (July, 2011)
Created by: Geoff Johns, Francis Manapul

In-story information

Alter ego: Bartholomew Allen 
Phonetic: hát pərsút
Notable aliases: Barry Allen
Relatives: Wally (nephew)
Affiliations: The Flash
Team affiliations:
Enemies: Kid Flash, Professor Zoom


Alignment: Good
Identity Secret:
Citizenship: American
Marital Status:


Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Unusual Features:





Little is known about the exact origins of Hot Pursuit, or how he came to be. The only thing known is the fact that he is a version of Barry Allen from the future, who goes back in time to warn himself about the upcoming events of Flashpoint. Hot Pursuit's history is assumed to be the same as Barry Allen's up until the single point in time, where a great anomaly altered the reality of the future all together. The unknown event that made Barry Allen don the role of Hot Pursuit is the same event he travels back in time to warn himself about, as well as the event that causes Flashpoint. With Flashpoint's wide spread time altering effects, it is possible that Barry Allen lost his connection to the Speed Force, thus needing the cosmic motorcycle Hot Pursuit is seen riding to access the Speed Force and travel back in time. This motorcycle also needs to be charged constantly with mass amounts of electricity in order for it to continue to be able to access the Speed Force, thus it is unable to naturally access the Speed Force like Barry Allen or the rest of the Flash Family.

The Road to FlashPoint

Just after Barry Allen acquits himself of the murder of the 25th century Renegade, Mirror Monarch, Hot Pursuit appears in the 21st century on his cosmic motorcycle, rushing to find Allen, in order to warn him about a grave event that leads to Flashpoint. After time traveling, Hot Pursuit desperately searches through Central City for energy that will allow his motorcycle to continue to function. After causing a black out as well as wrecking the Central City Police Department's crime lab, he attracts the attention of Allen, who gives chase. Stopping to speak with Allen, he tells The Flash that they're on the same time, revealing to him that he is also Barry Allen, from the future, there to warn him of the "single greatest time anomaly to ever threaten reality." He thought that Bart Allen was the cause of the anomaly, but later learned that it was, in fact, the Reverse Flash. He tried to save Flash and Kid Flash by using his Speed Force draining nightstick. This proved futile as the Thwane was able to negate the nightstick's abilities and age Hot Pursuit to death, fufilling Thwane's desire to kill Barry Allen.

Powers and Abilities



Strength level





  • Cosmic Motorcycle


  • Nightstick