Highlord Roval (Antimatter Universe) (DC Comics)

Publication information

Publisher: DC Comics
First appearance: JLA #108 (January, 2005)
Created by: Kurt Busiek, Ron Garney

In-story information

Alter ego: Irik T. Roval
Notable aliases: Commander Roval
Affiliations: Erdammeru
Team affiliations: Thunderers of Qward
Enemies: Highlord Varnathon
Base Of Operations: Qward


Alignment: Bad
Identity Secret: Public
Race: Qwardians
Citizenship: Single
Marital Status:
Occupation: Highlord of Qward


Gender: Male
Eyes: Red
Hair: Bald
Unusual Features:


Universe: Antimatter Universe 
Place of Birth: Qward


Irik T. Roval was born in the Anti-Matter Universe of Qward where he became a member of the militant Thunderers of Qward. He quickly rose to the position of Commander within the Qwardians Thunderers and he often supported the actions of the ruling Weaponers of Qward. The partnership between the Weaponers and the Thunderers had lasted for hundreds of years with the warrior Thunderers of Qward supporting their brethren in the assaults against the positive matter universe as well as the Green Lantern Corps.

Dissent in the Ranks

However, after a number of defeats at the hands of Earth's superheroes, as well as an attempt by the Weaponers to placate the Crime Syndicate of AmeriKa who had attacked them, Commander Roval decided that the Weaponers had sold out the Qwardian's future. Thus, he staged a brutal coup against First Weaponlord Varnathon of Q'Uld which resulted in the Weaponers being toppled as the rulers of Qward. In their place, Irik T. Roval placed himself as the new leader of the Qwardian people and declared himself the Highlord of Qward who intended to conquer the universe.
After winning the leadership of his people, Commander Roval decided to consolidate his power and went through the ancient records of his people where he learnt about the prison of the Void Hound; a weapon created to be the physical embodiment of the ravenous god Erdammeru. Taking his forces, he took control of the weapon by travelling through an ancient Qwa-portal that led to the rogue Maltusian moon of Turi. Using this powerful vessel, he became a dangerous threat to the known worlds but his vessel was eventually destroyed. However, Commander Roval himself managed to escape its destruction along with a number of Qwardians.

Powers and Abilities



  • Leadership
  • Swordmanship

Strength level