Earth-S (Universe) (DC Comics)

Fawcett Comics publications of the 1940s and 1950s took place on this Universe, with its predominant heroic teams being the Marvel Family, the Crime Crusader Club and the Squadron of Justice, while the main team of supervillains were the Monster Society of Evil. Named in Shazam! #1 (Feb. 1973)

Publication information

Publisher: DC Comics 
First appearance:
Shazam #1 (February, 1973)
Last appearance: Crisis on Infinite Earths #10 (January, 1986) 
Created by:
C.C. Beck, Nick Cardy, Denny O'Neil, Julius Schwartz 

In story information

Official Name: Earth-S
Based on: Fawcett Comics
Status: Destroyed


Earth-S is one of the infinite number of divergent realities that made up the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Multiverse.
During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth-S was effectively merged with Earth-One, Earth-Two, Earth-Four, and Earth-X to form one composite universe.

Points of Interest




  • Fawcett City


  • Shazam
  • Marvel Family
    • Captain Marvel
    • Mary Marvel
    • Captain Marvel, Jr.
    • Lieutenant Marvels
      • Fat Marvel
      • Hill Marvel
      • Tall Marvel
  • The Squadron of Justice
    • Spy Smasher
    • Bulletman
    • Bulletgirl
    • Ibis the Invincible
    • Mister Scarlet
    • Pinky
  • Phantom Eagle
  • Commando Yank
  • Lance O'Casey
  • Golden Arrow
  • Minute-Man
  • Hoppy, the Marvel Bunny
  • Billy, the Kid
  • Sherlock, the Monk
  • Willie, the Worm
  • Benny, the Beaver