The Mighty Crusaders (Earth-MLJ) (Team) (Archie Comics)

The Mighty Crusaders is a fictional superhero team published by Archie Comics. The team originally appeared in Fly Man No. 31, #32 and No. 33 before being launched in its own title, Mighty Crusaders.[1] Written by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, the series lasted seven issues before being cancelled. The team was revived under Archie's Red Circle Comics line in 1983. In 1992 DC Comics licensed the characters and relaunched the team as The Crusaders, aiming the comic at younger readers as part of its !mpact line. This series lasted eight issues, cover-dated May to December 1992. information

Publisher:  Archie Comics
First appearance: Fly Man #31 (May 1, 1965)
Created by: 

In-story information

Official Name: The Mighty Crusaders
Team Aliases: Mighty Crusaders
Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-MLJ
Base of Operations: 


Team Leader(s): 

Current Mighty Crusaders Members

  • Black Hood II (nephew of the original Black Hood)
  • The Comet
  • Darkling (later killed off)
  • Fireball
  • The Fly
  • Flygirl
  • Hangman
  • The Jaguar
  • Lancelot Strong: Shield II (soon killed off)
  • Shield I (the original Shield)
  • The Web II (son of the original Web)

Former Members

  • Black Hood
  • Bob Phantom
  • Captain Commando
  • Captain Flag
  • Doc Reeves
  • Mr. Justice

Founding Members

  • Black Hood
  • The Comet
  • The Fly
  • Flygirl
  • Shield


  • Firefly
  • Fly Man
  • The Fox
  • Steel Sterling
  • The Wizard



Place of Formation: 


First Incarnation

The Mighty Crusaders first appeared in Fly-Man #31 on May 1965. and were created by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, along with Paul Reinman. This ensemble of heroes were Archie Comics' answer to the superhero team fashion that was made possible by DC Comics' contribution with the Justice Society of America and Justice League of America and Marvel Comics' own contribution, The Avengers. The first version of this team consisted of Black Hood, The Comet, The Fly-Man, Fly Girl, and The Shield III, son of the original Shield. Their enemies varied from Spy Lord, Thornaldo, Bombor, to even The Hangman and The Wizard, two heroes who were inexplicably turned to villains. Their adventures lasted until October 1966, with Issue #7 being their last issue.

Red Circle Comics Incarnation

The next version of the Mighty Crusaders arrived under the Red Circle Comics banner, and made their presence seen on March 1983 with The Mighty Crusaders #1. This incarnation of the Mighty Crusaders was different from its predecessor, on the basis that Fly-Man reverted his name to The Fly, and that The Web, Jaguar, and Lancelot Strong joined the team, along with a Wizard that's back to being a hero once again, and having a new member in Darkling. Their series would last over twice as long as the original series, but it had to endure some deaths from the first Black Hood, Lancelot Strong, and Darkling. Their story would end in Issue #13 on September 1985.