Amalgam Universe (Universe) (Amalgam Comics)

Publication information

Publisher: Amalgam Comics
First appearance: Marvel Versus DC #3 (April, 1996)
Created by: Ron Marz, Claudio Castellini

In story information

Official Name: Amalgam Universe
  • Official ones: Amalgaverse; Earth-Amalgam
  • From Marvel: Earth-692, Amalgam Comics, Amalgamverse, Earth-9602
  • From DC: Amalgamverse; Earth-Amalgam; Earth-9602; Earth-692
Status: Destroyed


Amalgam Universe Explained

The two comic universes came together when the two physical incarnations of their respective universes (referred to as "the Brothers") became aware of each other after eons of slumber. To prevent the Brothers from destroying each other, characters from each universe battled to determine which universe would survive (a real world vote by readers of the series was conducted to determine the outcome of five of the in-comic matchups, with three of them favoring the Marvel hero). Access, a character created for the event and co-owned by Marvel and DC, served as a gate keeper who became stuck while traveling between the two universes.

When the fighting concluded, neither universe was willing to go. To prevent total destruction, the Spectre and the Living Tribunal created an amalgamated universe, in which only Access and Dr. Strangefate knew the truth about the merge. The two characters fought against each other to reverse or preserve the change.

Access managed to separate the Brothers with the help of Amalgam's heroes; before the merge had taken place, he had planted 'shards' of the universe in Batman and Captain America. Once he discovered Dark Claw (the result of Batman's merger with Wolverine) and Super-Soldier (the fusion between Captain America and Superman), he used those shards to give the Spectre and the Tribunal the power to restore the universes. Batman, Captain America, and Access were thus able to make the Brothers realize that their conflict was pointless, and the universes were separated once again.

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Alexander Luthor (Amalgam Universe)
Alexi Rasputin (Amalgam Universe)
Amalgam Comics
Ambush the Lunatik (Amalgam Universe)
American Belle (Amalgam Universe)
Arthur McKenzie (Amalgam Universe)
Aurora Trigger (Amalgam Universe)


Bane Simpson (Amalgam Universe)
Banisher (Amalgam Universe)
Barbara Hardy (Amalgam Universe)
Bartholomew Trask (Amalgam Universe)
Beatriz Grey (Amalgam Universe)
Benjamin Grimm (Amalgam Universe)
Bizarnage (Amalgam Universe)
Blaze Allen (Amalgam Universe)
Brooklyn Barnes (Amalgam Universe)
Brother Brood (Amalgam Universe)
Bruce Wayne (Amalgam Universe)


Carol Danvers (Amalgam Universe)
Charles Xavier (Amalgam Universe)
Christine Montoya (Amalgam Universe)
Clark Bullock (Amalgam Universe)
Clark Kent (Amalgam Universe)
Clinton Archer (Amalgam Universe)
Comrade Grodd (Amalgam Universe)
Congored (Amalgam Universe)
Creed Quinn (Amalgam Universe)


Diana of Themyscira (Amalgam Universe)
Doomnaut (Amalgam Universe)


Edward Fisk (Amalgam Universe)
El Papamondo (Amalgam Universe)
Elektra Kyle (Amalgam Universe)
Erik Magnus (Amalgam Universe)


H.E.C.T.O.R. (Amalgam Universe)
Harold Stark (Amalgam Universe)
Henry Logan (Amalgam Universe)
Hippolyta (Amalgam Universe)
Human Lantern (Amalgam Universe)


J'onn J'onzz (Amalgam Universe)
Janet van Dyne (Amalgam Universe)
Jason Todd (Amalgam Universe)
Jericha (Amalgam Universe)
Johnny Random (Amalgam Universe)
Jonathan Storm (Amalgam Universe)
Jonathan Stormtrooper (Amalgam Universe)
Jono Hex (Amalgam Universe)
Joshua Summers (Amalgam Universe)
Jubilation Lee (Amalgam Universe)
June Masters (Amalgam Universe)


Katherine Sandsmark (Amalgam Universe)
Koriand'ru (Amalgam Universe)
Kurt Ryder (Amalgam Universe)


L'ok D'saad (Amalgam Universe)
Lobo the Duck (Amalgam Universe)
Logan Wayne (Amalgam Universe)


M-Parasiteplate (Amalgam Universe)
Madame Banshee (Amalgam Universe)
Mademoiselle Peggy (Amalgam Universe)
Mig-El Gand (Amalgam Universe)


Nathan Chase (Amalgam Universe)
Nightgate (Amalgam Universe)
Niles Cable (Amalgam Universe)
Niles Dayspring (Amalgam Universe)


Oliver Queen (Amalgam Universe)
Ororo of Themyscira (Amalgam Universe)


Paige Guthrie (Amalgam Universe)
Peter Ross (Amalgam Universe)
Pietro Allen (Amalgam Universe)
Piotr Rasputin (Amalgam Universe)
Poseidon (Amalgam Universe)
Pow Wow Boom Boom Smith (Amalgam Universe)


Raveniya Dayspring (Amalgam Universe)
Ray Summers (Amalgam Universe)
Reed Richards (Amalgam Universe)
Retribution (Amalgam Universe)
Rhomann Sur (Amalgam Universe)
Richard Grayson (Amalgam Universe)
Runaway (Amalgam Universe)


Sergei Minerva (Amalgam Universe)
Shaggynaut (Amalgam Universe)
Skinhunter (Amalgam Universe)
Slade Murdock (Amalgam Universe)
Sunfirestorm (Amalgam Universe)
Susan Storm (Amalgam Universe)


Tatsu Braddock (Amalgam Universe)
Terra Murdock (Amalgam Universe)
Thanoseid (Amalgam Universe)
Thomas Savage (Amalgam Universe)
Thorion (Amalgam Universe)
Thunderchick (Amalgam Universe)
Thunderhawk (Amalgam Universe)
Tino Lumpkin (Amalgam Universe)
Todd LeBeau (Amalgam Universe)
Tora Drake (Amalgam Universe)
Trigger (Amalgam Universe)


Victor von Doom (Amalgam Universe)


Wallace West (Amalgam Universe)
Wanda Zatara (Amalgam Universe)
Warren Hall (Amalgam Universe)
White Whip (Amalgam Universe)
Whiz (Amalgam Universe)
William Lawton (Amalgam Universe)
William Mar-Vell (Amalgam Universe)
Wolfgang von Strucker (Amalgam Universe)


X-Stroke (Amalgam Universe)