Severing (Power) (Marvel Comics)

The ability to sever anything regardless of their nature. A technique of Conceptual Attacks.


User is able to sever anything regardless of their nature, from physical objects to abstract concept. As a Conceptual Attacks, this ability cannot be stopped by any physical method. 


  • Absolute Slicing: Slice through absolutely anything
  • Body Dismemberment: Separate body parts.
  • Cutting: Physical Slashing.
  • Defense Break: Completely sever defenses.
  • Destiny Disconnect: Cut off the person from their destiny.
  • Dimensional Slicing: Slice through dimensions.
  • Disintegration: Divide the connection between atoms.
  • Life Thread Slicing: Severing the person's connection to life.
  • Magic Cancel: Stopping Magic users from using outside energy sources.
  • Necrosis Inducement: Cutting the blood vessel of any living creatures.
  • Omnilock: Separate the user completely from everything.
  • Power Disconnect: Cut off the connection between users and powers, render them unable to use their powers.
  • Spatial Slicing: Slice through space.
  • Temporal Slicing: Cutting the flow of time. 


  • Severed pieces may be unrepairable/connectable.
  • Strongly depend on the level of the users to reach higher rank, especially conceptual one. 

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