Sense Manipulation (Power) (Marvel Comics)

Also Called

  • Opinokinesis
  • Sense Alteration
  • Sense Control
  • Sensory Manipulations


Users are able to alter ability to interpret the world, by changing the way they see, smell, taste, hear, or feel the world. Some users may only be able to manipulate some of the senses, or be limited to a single sense. Users may only be able to stop targets ability to operate senses, or may be able to implement completely new senses.



  • Blindness: To turn off the eyes
  • Visions: Illusion Manipulation
  • Brightening: Causing the world to feel happier visually
  • Darkening: Causing the world to feel more depressing
  • Hologram: To create a visual representative
  • Picturing: Causing target to see pictures or video from user
  • Virtualizing: To make one seem as though they teleported


  • Deafness: To turn off the ears
  • Voices: Causing targets to hear what others cannot
  • Baffling: Reducing volume
  • Echo: Repeating audio
  • Blasts: Causing Loud noises


  • Innervation: To turn off touch
  • Paralysis: To turn off muscle stimulus, halting motion.
  • Walling: Make if feel like targets hit a wall
  • Pressure: To make one feel heavy
  • Lifting: To make one feel lighter
  • Pain Inducement
  • Pain Suppression
  • Hallucination: To make one feel wind or touching on their skin


  • Moot: To turn off taste
  • Hypersensitive: Enhanced Taste
  • Flavor: To cause a specific flavor to manifest
  • Sour/Bitter: Causing one to generate a bad taste in their mouth.


  • Moot: To turn off smell
  • Hypersensitive: Enhanced Smell
  • Scent: To cause a specific scent to manifest
  • Rank/Putrid: Causing a bad smell
  • Fragrance Manipulation


  • Time Perception Manipulation


  • May be limited to manipulating the senses of others or only themselves.
  • Users of Enhanced Intelligence would possibly be able to defeat sense manipulation.
  • While some users may be able to create what feels like a wall, it is only in the targets mind. People who are aware that the wall is not there could simply walk through.
  • Users may or may not be immune to their own ability.
  • Requires mental focus.
  • Some are limited to what sense they can control.

Definition for Marvel Comics

  • Daredevil