Parachronal Cognition (Power) (Marvel Comics)

Also Called

  •  Parachronocognition. 
  •  Parachronal Vision. 


Allows the user to view parallel timelines where different instances have occurred. Advanced users could look forward in time to see how every possibility will play out and to predict all possible futures. Other users may have the ability to communicate cross-Universe. 


  •  See how time would have occurred under the different circumstances present in the parallel Universe. 
  •  See how different timelines will play out. 
  •  Trace somebody with Chronolock. 
  •  Communicate with individuals in the parallel timelines (even if said person never existed or has died in the user's current reality). 


  • Parachronal Retro-cognition: Able to see the past in alternate timelines. 
  • Parachronal Precognition: Able to see the future in alternate timelines. 


  • Chronolock 
  • Precognition 
  • Retrocognition 
  • Temporal Cognition 


  •  Likely difficult to fully control this ability. 
  •  Limited to how many universes can be viewed at a certain time. 
  •  May only be able to view one specific alternate timeline. 
  •  Unable to track individuals with an omnilock ability.

Definition for Marvel Comics

  • Spider-Man (Earth-9500)