Levitation (Power)

Also Called

  • Transvection
  • Levity
  • Floatation
  • Gravity Immunity
  • Anti-Gravity Manipulation


Users psychically generate an anti-gravitational, electroplasmatic or psychic energy around desired target, being oneself or subject/object, so that it may hover. Can be used on oneself with a greater extent, enabling a limitation of "Flight", controlling highs and lows of levitation. This maneuvering allows users to avoid targeting from ground level assaults. May allow subjects/objects to float with a restrain and higher abundance of restrictions. Object may be granted floation even as a levitating user is absent. Could be achieved by multiple means, through psychokinetics, magnetism, aerokinesis, or magic.


  • Can hover, glide or float on the air.
  • User's who are skilled combatants or acrobatics can easily manuever over their opponents.
  • Can avoid channeled shock waves on the ground by levitating off the floor.
  • By levitating objects at a molecular level, this may achieve a form of telekinesis.


  • May stem from Gravity Manipulation.
  • May stem from Telekinesis


  • Hovering: can hover up only as high as you want.
  • Floating: rise to a few inches or centimetres.
  • Buoyancy: float through water as if flying.


  • May float uncontrollably.
  • Difficult to stabilize at times.
  • Also not as easy to manoeuvre, one could hover in one direction but turning on a dime, pitch, yaw, barrel rolls, and other acrobatic feats are difficult to learn.

Definition for DC Comics


  • Raven

Definition for Dark Horse Comics


Levitation was the ability to move or to stay in suspension above ground level. Certain demons and naturally had this ability while some magic practitioners could do learn to do this.

Known Cases

  • Demons such as Taparrich, The Gentlemen, Thesulac Demons, Pearl and Nash, Ronald Meltzer and Pockla Demons could float above the ground.
  • Witches, such as Willow Rosenberg, Tara Maclay and Amy Madison were able to float as well as fly.
  • Immediately after becoming a half-demon, Cordelia Chase unknowingly levitated above the ground.
  • Some magical creatures were capable of floating, such as Splenden Beasts and Monasterenser Magnaserm.