Gliding (Power)

Gliding allows the user to float while slowly descending. In some cases gliding is very fast. A sub-power of Flying and possible sub-power of Hollow Skeleton.

Also Called

  • Levity
  • Horizontal Levitation


This ability may be used for movement above air currents as though on solid ground. Users may glide ride on air currents as though feather-light. Some may be able to induce, on to one's self, buoyancy to float in aquious locations.


  • Navigation
  • Ensuring a safe landing from a great height
  • Fool people into believing you can fly


  • May accompany Aerokinesis.
  • Will at a mid or high level gain the power of Levitation

Definition for Marvel Comics


  • Michael Morbius
  • Barnell Bohusk alias Beak
  • Leland Owlsley alias Owl
  • Prowler

Definition for DC Comics

Gliding reflects a character's ability to navigate through the air by floating on air currents. Gliding is a lesser form of Flight, but is not true flying, as the glider requires an external source of power for thrust and velocity.



  • Diana of Paradise Island (Earth-Two)


  • Wenonah Littlebird (New Earth)