Enhanced Crafting (Power)

Also Called

  • Enhanced Craftsmanship
  • Enhanced Forging
  • Superhuman Craftsmanship 


Users with this talent are able to craft many different kinds of items with sheer perfection. They are able to forge the sharpest of swords, the strongest of armors, the greatest of statues, the most powerful of items, and much more. Some are able to create with nothing but the material around them, and in very short notice. 


  • Automaton Creation
  • Create the sharpest and strongest of weapons with flawless quality.
    • Mechanical Weapon Construct 
  • Make the strongest armor.
  • Build the fastest of vehicles
  • Craft/create items, artifacts and relics with magical abilities.
  • Make the deadliest war machines ever created.
  • Design unique tools of destruction.
  • Make weapons that can tap into powerful forces of the universe.
  • Create anything with the material around.
  • Create weapons made from the elements.
  • Many feats are achievable when applied to magic.
    • May be able to communicate with the weapon. 
  • Polishing the weapons and other items made
  • Refine any kind of item and remove any imperfections 


  • Art Manipulation
  • Earth Manipulation
  • Elemental Weapons
  • Enhanced Artisan
  • Enhanced Inventing
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Glass Manipulation
  • Golem Creation
  • Fire Manipulation
  • Magic Arrows
  • Metal Manipulation
  • Technology Manipulation
  • Weapon Manipulation 


  • May need tools in order to craft.
  • Requires the appropriate materials to craft.
  • May require a space to work. 

Definition for Marvel Comics



  • Forge (in all the universes)

Definition for Dark Horse Comics



  • Goblins (Hellboy Universe)