Enhanced Balance (Power)

Also Called

  • Enhanced Equilibrium
  • Superhuman Equilibrium
  • Enhanced Stability
  • Superhuman Stability
  • Superhuman Balance


User has both extremely well developed sense of balance, the positioning of limbs and the center of balance as well as the physical condition to use these facts. User is able to perfectly balance on any object, no matter how narrow or unstable it may be.


  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Dexterity

Definition for Marvel Comics

  • Spider-Man
  • Nightcrawler
  • Black Cat
  • DareDevil

Definition for DC Comics

Superhuman Equilibrium represents an individual's acute sense of balance. In some cases, this power is granted through an external source, such as a battle-suit or a gyroscopic stabilizer. Atlanteans possess this power as an application of their amphibious phsyiology. Mister Miracle is but one example of a being possessing superhuman equilibrium.

  • Aqualad (Earth-Teen Titans)
  • Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
  • Aquaman (DC One Million)
  • Arthur Curry (Justice)
  • Arthur Curry, Jr. (New Earth)
  • Arthur Curry, Sr. (The Brave and the Bold)
  • Atlanna (New Earth)
  • Atlanteans
  • Donald Hall (New Earth)
  • Eochaid Bres (New Earth)
  • F'ancha (New Earth)
  • Iqula (New Earth)
  • Jerro (Earth-One)
  • John Tower (Dakotaverse)
  • Koryak (New Earth)
  • Lori Lemaris (Earth-One)
  • Lori Lemaris (New Earth)
  • Midnighter (Earth-50)
  • Nuada Silverhand (New Earth)
  • Nuidis Vulko (New Earth)
  • Queen Clea (Earth-Two)
  • Queen Clea (New Earth)
  • Red Tornado (Justice)
  • Robot F2324 (New Earth)
  • Ronal (Earth-One)
  • Ronal (New Earth)
  • Scott Free (New Earth)
  • Selena (Earth-One)
  • Shaolin Robot (New Earth)
  • Thesily (New Earth)
  • Ulla Paske (New Earth)