Earth Manipulation (Power)

Also called

  • Earthbending
  • Earth Release/Doton
  • Geokinesis
  • Terrakinesis


User can move, shape and otherwise manipulate any "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt and soil as well as bones although most wont be able to manipulate bones of living beings. Some users may have fine enough control to create/shape complicated objects.


  • Create/generate/increase earthen materials.
  • Shape, compress, and/or otherwise manipulate earthen materials.
    • Repair objects of earthen material.
    • Sharpen/dull stone/metal objects.
  • Burrowing with choice between simply gliding through earth or leaving tunnel.
  • Cause Avalanches, Earthquakes, Mudslides or Quicksand.
  • Earth Energy Manipulation
  • Limited Gravity Manipulation
  • Limited Magnetism Manipulation
  • Matter Surfing by creating pillar or wave of earthen material for riding.
  • 'Mines/bombs' made of earthen material by manipulating internal pressures and forces.
  • Move/lift earth, rocks, boulders, and stones at nearly any speed whether in/on surface, air or water. One could even do this on vacuum of space if one has way to survive the experience.
    • Matter Surfing by riding a boulder or other mass of minerals.
    • Missile Generation with anything from pebbles to boulders size of a ocean-liner.
  • Petrification
  • Remove and/or purify the pollutants.
  • Tectonic Plate Manipulation
  • Terrakinetic Constructs, including weapons, walls, armor or allies/servants.
    • Coat limbs in earthen material to empower physical attacks.
    • Bury or otherwise stop/imprison objects.


  • Abacomancy divination using Sand, Dust, Etc.
  • Burying
  • Earth Aura
  • Earth Mimicry to become earth/stone/sand.
  • Seismic Sense sense/perceive vibrations in the earth.
  • Terraportation


  • Clay Manipulation control clay.
  • Coal Manipulation control coal.
  • Crystal Manipulation control precious gems and rare stones.
  • Dust Manipulation control dust particles
  • Glass Manipulation control silica.
  • Magma Manipulation control magma, lava or other extremely hot solids.
  • Metal Manipulation control ferrous metals.
  • Mineral Manipulation control minerals and rocks.
  • Mud Manipulation control mud.
  • Salt Manipulation control salt.
  • Sand Manipulation control silicate particles of the earth.

Universe Variations

Some universes include Plant Manipulation as a form of earth manipulation.


  • May learn Bone Manipulation.
  • High-level users may learn Cave Manipulation.
  • May stem from more general Elemental Manipulation.
  • High-level users may learn Mountain Manipulation.
  • High-level users may learn Terrain Manipulation.


  • Distance and the amount of matter depends of the strength and skill of the user.
  • Glass and plastics may be complicated to control.
  • Some users may not have control over extraterrestrial (Alien) elements.
  • May be weak against Electricity Manipulation as electricity can travel through the ground and break apart the earth.

Definition for Marvel Comics


Terrakinesis, also known as Geokinesis, is the ability to mentally manipulate the earth.


Characters with the ability to manipulate the land or ground. This includes seismic shockwaves, mentally controlling rocks, making creatures out of dirt, etc. Does not extend to control of plants.


  • Alton Vibereaux (Earth-616)
  • Amara Aquilla (Earth-295)
  • Amara Aquilla (Earth-616)
  • Arclight (Earth-80920)


  • Beckah Parker (Earth-616)
  • Brimstone Love (Earth-928)


  • Composite (Earth-691)
  • Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-42777)
  • Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-534834)
  • Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616)
  • Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-91126)
  • Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-98)
  • Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-9997)


  • Daisy Johnson (Earth-616)
  • David Haller (Earth-616)
  • Depth Charge (Earth-616)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-10197)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-1036)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-2149)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-21993)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-295)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-5423)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-5692)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-5700)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-58163)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-616)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-77995)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-7964)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-8096)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-81727)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-8909)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-92131)
  • Dominikos Petrakis (Earth-93600)


  • Earthquake (Earth-616)
  • Elliot Boggs (Earth-1610)
  • Esteban Corazón De Ablo (Earth-295)


  • Gorgon (Earth-295)
  • Gorgon (Earth-616)
  • Gorgon (Earth-9997)


  • Hiro Sokuto (Earth-616)
  • Hiro-Kala (Earth-616)
  • Hiroim (Earth-616)
  • Hope Summers (Earth-616)
  • Hope Summers (Earth-91119)


  • Inhumans (Skrull) (Earth-616)


  • Julio Richter (Earth-295)
  • Julio Richter (Earth-41001)
  • Julio Richter (Earth-616)


  • Kenjiro Sasaki (Earth-616)
  • Kiwi Black (Earth-616)
  • Kristie Nord (Earth-8096)


  • Lance Alvers (Earth-11052)


  • Maria Petrova (Earth-50701)
  • Mark Diering (Earth-616)
  • Meggan Puceanu (Earth-616)
  • Michael Twoyoungmen (Earth-616)
  • Modred (Earth-616)
  • Moses Magnum (Earth-616)
  • Moses Magnum (Earth-989192)


  • N'Kano Jr (Earth-982)


  • Ozymandias (Earth-616)


  • Paydirt (Earth-616)
  • Petra (Earth-616)
  • Petra (Earth-98193)
  • Philippa Sontag (Earth-616)


  • Quetzalcoatl (Earth-616)


  • Ralph Hutchins (Earth-616)


  • Santo Vaccarro (Earth-616)
  • Skaar (Earth-616)
  • Sonny Baredo (Earth-616)


  • Thomas Philip Moreau (Earth-616)
  • Thor (Thor Odinson)
  • Tyros (Earth-5692)
  • Tyros (Earth-616)

Definition for DC Comics



  • Abraham Dusk (Wildstorm Universe)
  • Adam Fells (New Earth)
  • Adrianna Tomaz (New Earth)
  • Atlee (New Earth)


  • Brion Markov (New Earth)


  • Elysion (Earth-Prime)


  • Harmonia Li (Pre-Zero Hour)


  • Lady Zand (New Earth)
  • Leonard Lewis (Just Imagine)


  • Mountain (New Earth)


  • Red Volcano (New Earth)


  • Sanderson Hawkins (New Earth)
  • Shakedown (New Earth)


  • Tara Markov (New Earth)
  • Tara Markov (Team Titans)
  • Tara Markov (Tiny Titans)
  • Terra (Earth-33)
  • Terra (Earth-Teen Titans)

Definition for Wildstorm Comics

Heroes Universe


Terrakinesis is the ability to control all geo materials. E.G. ink, earth, rock. Known uses include moving tattoos with the ability to influence physical objects. Samuel appears to have good control over this power seeming to be able destroy half of Sylar using some kind of dust storm, and completely collapse a good sized building. He killed his brother with a small rock that was levitated next to him. He also used rocks to kill Mohinder.  When he gives tatoos, he can cause them to turn into , for example, a hand that goes to the throat and chokes the victim. Samuel also can create sinkholes. This power gets stronger the more "Specials" that are within a specific range of the user, in the case of no specials being present, the user is shown to be powerless.


  • Samuel Sullivan
  • Sparrow Redhouse
  • Peter Petrelli