Dermal Armor (Power)

Also Called

  • Impenetrable Skin 
  • Natural Armor 
  • Armored Skin 
  • Thick Skin 
  • Tough Skin 
  • Skin Armor 


The users skin, or "Derma" becomes resistant to attack harm or pain. May or may not be a permanent covering, altering the users physique or hiding just beneath the surface. 


  • Bulletproof Durability 
  • Deflection 
  • Natural Weaponry 
  • Pain Suppression 
  • Thermal Resistance 
    • Cold-proof Skin 
    • Fireproof Skin 


  • Elemental Mimicry: the skin may permanently be changed to a strong element (Stone, gem, metal, etc). 
    • Crystal Mimicry 
    • Diamond Mimicry 
    • Metal Mimicry 
    • Stone Mimicry 
  • Scale Manifestation 
  • Skin Manipulation 


  • Density Manipulation 
  • Invulnerability 
  • Supernaturally Dense Tissue 


  •  Depending on how heavy armor users may sink in water. 
  •  If one were to disrupt the process of "armoring up" the results would be user losing the ability to armor up for quite awhile. 
  •  Selective armoring is rare, in short it is an "all or none" principle, either fully armored or not at all. 
  •  May sacrifice speed for durability. 
  •  Reverting back to original form or natural state is moderately difficult or irreversible.

Definition for Marvel Comics


  • The Thing
  • The Abomination
  • Hulk
  • Hulkling
  • She-Hulk 
  • Indra
  • Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe
  • Guardian
  • Hisako Ichikki/Armor

Definition for Wildstorm Comics

Heroes Universe

Impenetrable Skin

Invulnerability is a power that prevents any object from puncturing the skin. Held only by Baron Samedi, it was used to become a dictator. The power seems to apply not only to skin as when Nathan Petrelli launched Baron into a car, a normal person would have internal organ damage. But Baron appeared unharmed leading to the conclusion that the impenetrable nature of his skin applies to all tissue.


  • Robert Keep
  • Baron Samedi

Definition for DC Comics


  • Doomsday
  • NKVDemon