Biomorphing (Power)

Also Called

  • Bio-Morphing 
  • Biologic Transformation 
  • Bioshifting 
  • Vitamorphing 
  • Vitashifting


User can turn into any living things (E.X: Plants, Animals, Bacteria, and possibly other Humans.) 
  • Animal Morphing: To be able to morph into animals of the world like: Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Bovines, Canines, etc 
  • Human Morphing : To be able to morph into humans like: Females, Males, Boys, Teenagers, Kids, Children, Babies, Adult Males, Adult Females etc 
  • Plant Morphing: To be able to morph into plants like: Trees, Flowers, Fungus, Ferns, etc


  • Can only turn into living things 
  • Cannot turn into anything inorganic (i.e: Cyborgs or Buckets)

Definition for  Marvel Comics


  • Mystique
  • Copycat

Definition for  DC Comics


  • Beast Boy
  • Vixen
  • Green Martians
  • Metamorpho

Definition for Wildstorm Comics

Heroes Universe


  • Sylar
  • James Martin