Biological Manipulation (Power)

The power to control all aspects of a living creature's biological make-up. This includes but is not limited to, genetic alterations, physical distortion/augmentations, healing disease, and biological functions.

Also Called

  • Biokinesis
  • Biology Manipulation
  • Cell Manipulation
  • Morbikinesis
  • Organic Manipulation
  • Vitakinesis


The user can control life on a cellular level. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration like hair and iris color change or freckle breakout, evoke sensuality, and even increase physiological maturity. Some high level users may focus on transmutation, where they can transform a species into another.


  • Activation & Deactivation
  • Age Manipulation
  • Anatomical Liberation
  • Atmospheric Adaptation
  • Bio-Energy Manipulation
  • Biological Assimilation
  • Bodily Gas Manipulation
  • Body Manipulation
  • Body Shedding
  • Body Heat Camouflage
  • Body Temperature Manipulation
  • Camouflage
  • Cellular Disintegration
  • Cellular Mimicry
  • Corporeal Evacuation
  • Death Inducement
  • Dermal Armor
  • Disease Manipulation
  • Disruption
  • DNA Replication
  • DNA Manipulation
  • Electrical Impulse Manipulation
  • Enhanced Condition
  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • Environmental Adaptation
  • Evolution Manipulation
    • Evolution
  • Fur Generation
  • Genesis
  • Genetic Manipulation
  • Genetic Memory
  • Genetic Mutation
  • Genetic Reversion
  • Gut Imprisonment
  • Head Liberation
  • Healing
  • Health Manipulation
  • Hibernation
  • Immortality through cellular regeneration
  • Internal Bodily Cleansing
  • Life Creation by controlling cells
  • Malleable Anatomy
  • Mass Expulsion
  • Metabolic Control
  • Mitosis Manipulation
  • Mutation Inducement
  • Mutilation
  • Natural Weaponry
  • Necrosis Inducement
  • Organic Constructs
  • Physical Deformation
  • Plant Manipulation
  • Poison Generation
  • Power Augmentation via manipulating DNA
  • Power Bestowal
  • Power Negation
  • Pulse Manipulation
  • Reactive Adaptation
  • Rot Inducement
  • Shapeshifting
  • Sleep Inducement
  • Sleep Manipulation
  • Taming
  • Trace Metal Manipulation
  • Voice Manipulation
  • Wound Transferal


Appendage Generation

The power to produce extra body parts. The user’s body rapidly turns over new cells, but at the users will they can manifest new organs with moments. Can grow arms extra arms, legs, eyes, noses, etc. The new organs may disintegrate away as a side effect.

Disease Manipulation

Control or manipulation diseases, along with symptoms. The user can also create bio-weapons with this.

Ethnicity Shifting

The power to change the ethnicity a subject by rearranging their DNA with one's mind. Can make new ethnicities at high level

Gender Transformation

The power to shift the gender of an organism by rearranging their DNA with one's mind. Can be used oneself.


The power to manipulate one's own fat to expand limbs,or turn into a huge ball of fat,which can be rather destructive.As a ball,the user is also protected by a thick layer of blubber.


Users may control targets muscles, motor functions, and perhaps even some higher brain function. This variation may be limited to use through a genetic duplicator such as a Voodoo doll.


  • Animal Mimicry
  • Animal Morphing
  • Plant Mimicry
  • Science Manipulation
  • Shapeshifting


  • Use of this ability could be very painful.
  • Permanent damage to affected areas may result with prolonged use.
  • Emotions such as extreme excitement or surprise could activate powers in awkward situations.
  • DNA changes could take time to complete.
  • May not always work on those with Enhanced Regeneration, since they can be immune from certain to all disease.
  • Might not work on those with Immortality.

Definition for Marvel Comics

  • Joshua Foley/Elixir
  • Anti-Venom; can biologically cleanse impurities from other people's bodies
  • Mr. Sinister
  • En Sabah Nur; via Celestial Tech

Definition for Panini Comics

  • Time Lords/Ladies (Doctor Who); via Regeneration

Definition for Wildstorm Comics

  • Jeremy Greer (Heroes); can harm or heal others' bodies