Animal Mimicry (Power)

Also Called

  • Animal Imitation
  • Animal Morphing
  • Faunal Imitation
  • Faunal Mimicry


The user can use/imitate animal powers. Can run like an ostrich, swing like a monkey, run like a cheetah, move like a cat, take the strength of an ant, track like a dog, hide like a turtle, constriction of a snake, etc. Users cannot transform into animals, this power enables the user to mimic animals while still in their original form. Some users can mimic multiple animals at once


  • Use and imitate animal powers and abilities.
  • Posses any special abilities of animals.


  • Amphibian Physiology
  • Arachnid Physiology
  • Avian Physiology
  • Centipede Physiology
  • Cephalopod Physiology
  • Cnidarian Physiology
  • Crustacean Physiology
  • Echinoderm Physiology
  • Fish Physiology
  • Human Physiology (For non humans with this ability)
  • Insect Physiology
  • Mammalian Physiology
  • Parasite Physiology
  • Reptilian Physiology
  • Meta Mimicry (in seldom, often extremely rare cases some animal mimics can replicate the abilities, powers or special skills of other beings. For some it depends on what type of being while for others it doesn't matter.)
  • Animal Instinct Imprinting: the ability to psychically impose animal mannerisms on subjects’ minds.
  • Animal Soul


  • The user can only mimic animal they have observed. But that is not always the case
  • Does not transform into animals.
  • Sometimes takes on traits of the animal impersonating, such as wanting to find rotting things if impersonating a fly, or feeling territorial if impersonating lions.
  • Some can only mimic one animal at a time or is limited on how long they can mimic that animal.
  • Some abilities may be compromised by size differences

Definition for DC Comics

Sometimes called "Animal Morphing", this ability allows the characters to mimic the abilities and even powers of an animal. When the animal has physical abilities that are higher than that of a human (elephant strength, speed of a cheetah, sight of a hawk) then normally there isn't a physical change but a demonstrated one. When the user gains abnormal abilities to that of the human physiology their bodies may change such as the claws of a crab, wings of a bird and luminescence of a bug. However, in extreme cases where the human physiology is malleable they may turn entirely into the said animal and adapt all of their abilities.



  • Bernhard Baker (DCAU)
  • Bernhard Baker (New Earth)


  • Coyote-Old-Man (Ghostdancing)


  • Garfield Logan (Earth-Teen Titans)
  • Garfield Logan (New Earth)
  • Garfield Logan (Tiny Titans)


  • Helena Kyle (Birds of Prey)


  • Mari McCabe (DCAU)
  • Mari McCabe (New Earth)


  • Plasmus (Earth-Teen Titans)


  • Rex Rogan (Earth-One)


  • Sister Crow (Ghostdancing)


  • Tracer (New Earth)


  • White-Buffalo-Woman (Ghostdancing)

Definition for Marvel Comics


  • Beast
  • Kraven