Activation & Deactivation (Power) (Wildstorm Comics)

The power to activate and deactivate various mechanisms, both electronic and biological. A sub-power of Technology Manipulation and Biological Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Functionality Manipulation


The user can switch between functions with physical force. At the user’s desire, a TV can turn on, off, pause, change channel, etc, even when unplugged. May also include other simple electronic devices such as automated door locks or security cameras. This can sometimes be used to activate and deactivate powers.
Biologically a user of this power could activate or shutdown vital organs or cause sensory paralysis by switching off their senses (e.g. taste, sight etc.).


  • Ability Manifestation
  • Power Restoration


  • Access & Occlusion
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Power Bestowal (only applies to victims of Power Erasure or Power Absorption)
  • Technology Manipulation


  • Some objects may require a touch
  • Others items may activate/deactivate from a distance.
  • Requires an audible connection, prevented through sound proof barriers.
  • Some may only be able to activate or deactivate, and not both.

Definition for Wildstorm Comics

Heroes Universe


Matt Parkman Jr. is the only character known to have this ability.


Matt Parkman Jr. can activate and deactivate electronic devices near him, switching them on or off. He can also activate advanced human abilities by touch.
Hiro and Ando first realize that Matt, Jr. has an ability when he uses it to switch the television in his house on and off. Even when the television set is unplugged, Matt Jr. is able to turn it on by touching it. Similarly, he activates several electronic toys by touching them.

When the house is attacked, Matt partially restores Hiro's ability by touching him. The touch only restored the time-stopping aspect of Hiro's ability; he was unable to teleport or time travel. He has since regained the ability to time travel and teleport, but it took awhile to regain control over that. Hiro also experienced negative side effects from the restored ability. Mohinder later claimed that Hiro's body was rejecting his newly restored abilities and Hiro was diagnosed with a brain tumor that is killing him. This suggests that Matt's ability cannot give abilities to previously powerless people, and also causes an advanced human to regain their powers with certain biological risks.

Matt's power affects an automobile and a truck at short range; the baby is able to switch them on or off without reaching out of his car seat to touch the vehicle itself. The truck driver finds that he is able to start his truck again when Hiro and Ando move the "magic baby" back to their own vehicle, showing that the range of young Matt's ability is about ten meters.

Hiro and Ando also discover that Matt's mood affects his ability: when he is unhappy, he deactivates the vehicles; when happy, he activates them. Young Matt later activates some nearby toy cars when united with his father.